Your Homicidols Weekender #388

It was an incredibly eventful week in global idol news!! First off, ATARASHII GAKKO absolutely slayed Coachella for the second weekend in a row. Then PLANCK STARS made their debut appearance in South America playing Anime Summit in Brazil. Everybody had a wonderful time!!

Or, maybe not… 

Shortly after the event ended, the organizers of Anime Summit posted a notice stating their surprise that the PLANCK STARS performance included, “themes such as sex, androgyny, death and other taboos,” and apologized for presenting  such inappropriate material to an all-age audience.

The organizers have since taken the notice down and there has been an outpouring of support from attendees of Anime Summit who felt that Plasta were the highlight of the event.

Mori weighed in on the controversy via Instagram Story saying,

“If you keep your kids away from perverted things when they’re young their rebel spirits will make them seek even more perverted things, and they will enjoy them even more, this happened to me!

I think PLANCK STARS is a good way to learn about perverted things. We will keep working hard to be recognized as such.”

So, basically: Bring your kids to see PLANCK STARS or they will turn out to be like Mori!

In other international idol headlines, Miho is coming to Los Angeles in June.

Isiliel will be in LA later that same week as part of the US leg of her Moonbow Crusade tour. Tickets are on sale now!

2023 Best Overseas Idol of the Year nominee PAiDA is joining BABYBEARD for their Australian tour later this summer.

We also learned that BABYBEARD will appearing at SabotenCon later this year, along with the previously announced Yurapico.

MAD JAMIE is heading to Europe next week and released her third MV in two weeks to help prepare The Continent for what they are in for.

The latest  single from GANG PARADE is a collaboration with J-rock band, KEYTALK.

PIGGS gives us a PV of the current line-up belting out one of their old classics.

2& dropped a new single on streaming for the first time in almost two years and, Oh! it is good, Oh! it is good.


We get our first glimpse of the newly re-booted Schrödinger’s Dog.

We stand in solidarity with NO❤︎AF and the idol ska revolution.

YOLOZ (formerly On the treat Super Season) dropped the second post-reboot EP.

Pop punk standouts, Kaiju By Me, crank out their second MV in so many weeks. 

lyrical school in your area.

Pretty Chomolungma Union, who debuted earlier this month, dropped thier first single and MV titled, “Don’t make a major label debut.” Their theme is being cute, strong, and maybe a little bit dumb.


SOCIALxMATCH released this “Not quite an MV.”

An interesting bit of trivia unearthed by ckiemnstr345 over on the Homicidols Discord server: the lyrics for the latest Lily of the Valley tune were written by Emily Arima of PassCode.

Kolokol gives us a dreamy pop song that feels retro and progressive at the same time.

ExWHYZ is way too classy for this site.

Speaking of classy: meet Yaba Danshi, Yabacube’s new male idol unit produced by Mori of PLANCK STARS. These gentlemen have an average age of 32.

Oshiloss Corner

KOSAME held her graduation live.

Misa Tsukikanade, who has been on hiatus while struggling with a panic disorder, is graduating from -odoro- on May 12. She will stay on with the agency as a solo artist, health permitting. 

Mai is graduating from EVERYTHING IS WONDER in late May. This follows an announcement earlier in the week that Yume, Moco, and Neon, who were all on hiatus, have left the group.

Koma Narumi is graduating from TENRIN in June.

And, you may have heard this littel announcement: is coming to an end.

Oshifound Corner

Kingsari has added two new members.  Riko Himeshiro (ex. Houkago Princess and Houpri Youth) and and Zero Kanzaki (ex. Suiseimushi).

Clara Maguro also added two new members who are both doing duouble-duty as members of Circle Lychee: Rin Loxo ( ex. Saihate no Highlight) and Nasuzu Tsuyoi (ex. NeverDolls and EmEr).

Yurapico and Boss Rei (ex. GUSO Drop and BURST GIRL) reunited for this awesome collaboration.

Chiai Fujikawa (ex. Maneki Kecak) has just released her fourth album.

Have a Good Weekend!