Your Homicidols Weekender #387

I have family visiting, so I don’t have as much time as usual to devote to the Weekender. I’m going to keep the preamble short and apologize in advance if I miss anything. I mean, you all are my family too in a way, but if you disown me I’m not at risk of the loss of an inheritance, so without further ado:

More details of Isiliel’s US summer tour dates are rolling out. Tickets are on sale for the New Jersey show as well.

-odoro- gave one of the best singles of the year in “Bang!Bang!” and now give it a whimsical, grindhouse cinema treatment in this MV.

MAD JAMIE fights the good fight.

MAGMAZ drop an MV to go with their new heavy EP. I think they also may have started a street gang.

SAZANAMi Λug. release a new EP featuring solo songs from all of the members.

And they dropped a MV for the Michiru track.

Amidst the nightmare world in which we all live, one so cruel as to subject me to an ad for Meow Mix featuring dancing cats just before the video, there exists a shining beacon of sanity. That beacon, my friends, is Ikigusare and this is the video for “Anti-Magic Cinderella.”

-Carrythezero, Homicidols Discord Server, March 18, 2024

RAY collaborates with shamisen player Shinobu Kawashima of CHiLi GiRL.

Kaiju By Me released a new album and MV featuring the best song title of the year so far.

In another potential Best of the Year nominee, here’s Album Art of the Year candidate, the girl mannequin.


Kawaii girls rock from MEWM.

Fresh off of her appearance at SXSW, Chiaki Mayumura drops a new MV.

Merkmal Mermal dropped their new album.


I just love the name Panic Monster !n Wonderland so I’m posting everything they do.

Oshiloss Corner

Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. has cancelled the contract of Miruru Rate after determining that it would not be beneficial for her to continue with the group due to the development of a mental illness. Miruru agreed with the decision, said that being a memebr of the group had made her very happy, and apologized to members, staff and fans. Zenkimi will now be auditioning for new members. 

Dempagumi Inc. just announced that they will be ending their long run of insanity next year.

NI-NA had withdrawn from MAZE. The group also said it would relaunch activities under a new system.

Nyaao graduated from Craveit. The unit will reboot in late June as Hellzapoppin’.

Umi Mihara will be leaving Payrin’s tomorrow after management deemed her actions lacking in professionalism.

Cocona is leaving anew. The unit will be holding auditions for new members.

Oshifound Corner

The former members of GUSO Drop (except for Saki who had a conflict) got together for a hot pot party.

Rin Tsukasa, the English-speaking ex-member of Yanakoto Sotto Mute, is back with a solo project.

Anta Nanka, band project of Montero (ex. Screaming 60’s)

Schrödinger’s Dog added three new members, most noticeably Nanomew, who is also a member of Monoclone and ex-member of MADMAO,  and Fuuka who is a former member of Maneki Kecak.

KENTA MATSUKUMA (head of SCRAMBLES and ex. long-term house composer to every WACK artist) produced this new group we know next to nothing else about.

Last but certainly not least: the latest MV from URBANGARDE features twinpale.

Have a Good Weekend!!