Your Homicidols Weekender #386

When compared to the craziness of last week where we saw an avalanche of April Fools Day projects and a dump truck’s worth of new releases to kick off the new fiscal year, barely anything happened over the past seven days.

Not that nothing is going on. In a major milestone, ATARASHII GAKKO!, our quirky, dance obsessed, new school leaders who used to play URBANGARDE’s annual Depression Fest, are performing at Coachella this weekend.  You can witness their accomplishment live on YouTube tomorrow.

We also got more details about Isiliel’s debut performance in New Jersey this coming June. It will be a band set backed by Eternal Hoshi! Tickets go on sale Monday.

We also got word of this May event in Milan featuring two Homicidols Best of the Year winners, MAD JAMIE and ERISU.

situasion released one of the most beautifully fascinating MVs ever, shot entirely on location in uncanny valley. You may have to pick your brain up off the floor after viewing.

MAD JAMIE takes a much less subtle approach in her MV.

usabeni released a lyric video with English subtitles just for you.

Ringwanderung has dropped a new PV every day for the last 10 days.

Planet after the rain again demonstrate their mastery of the sweeping prog rock ballad.


fishbowl is far too classy for this site.

One of the most highly anticipated new units of the year, BLOW SMOKERS released their third single.


I to U $CREAMing!! released a PV for their latest single.

Underbeasty released their second single since going indie, and will release their third later this week.

AiNA THE END now exists on a higher plane of artistry full time.

Kaiju By Me is celebrating their second anniversary.

Oshiloss Corner

The lack of activity in second week of April seems to extend to personnel changes as well, so we are pleased to only have a couple of oshiloss items to report this week.

In an oshiloss/oshifound combo: Mia Kanrei of LADYBABY is joining Yakousei Amuse as a support member due to Kiki Hiiragi going on hiatus.

buGG held their last live.

Oshifound Corner

BPM15Q held a surprise, mini-CY8ER reunion.

We also have an oshifound/oshiloss combo: Gordon, the band project of the former idol, CoCoCo (ex. Yukueshirezutsurezure), is going on indefinite hiatus.

Have a Good Weekend!