Your Homicidols Weekender #385

Welcome to the Homicidols weekly recap, with a quick caveat: this version of the weekly round-up is devoid of any idol shenanigans that took place on Monday. Check out our April Fools Day round-up for all of that craziness.  

April 1 is not just April Fools Day,  it is also the first day of the Japanese fiscal year. The impact this has on the music industry is that a ton of new songs get released on either March 31 or April 1 depending on how management’s accountants want things to hit the books. Regardless of the opinions of actuaries, the overall impact that matters is that the Japanses fiscal yer roll produces a veritable flood of new music, and this year was no different.  

April 1 also marks the date when many entertainment contracts are up for renewal, which is why all of those departing members of ZOC quit effective March 31. But before leaping straight into Oshiloss Corner, let’s check out some of the artists who helped kick off the new fiscal year:

ASP dropped a PV on their road to the Budokan.

Just about everyone over on the Homicidols Discord Server digs Finally.

POPPiNG EMO dropped a new MV featuring a song from their new EP, SUPER STARS. I also highly recomend checking out the EP’s opening track which is the pop punk unit’s heaviest tune ever with an actual dip into harsh vocal territory.

RAY dropped a new EP, and there was much subdued rejoicing from the shoegaze wota.


Easter was last weekend, but here’s LADYBABY’s timeless tribute from a band set.

The A-side of the new kinopo. single is my jam, yo

And they released a dance MV for the B-side.

From the name and visual, you would think the new one from I to U $creaming was a soft, romantic, song, but it’s actually a funky, disco dance tune.


A YOLOZ live look slike an amazingly good time.

We got a sweet new tune from Chemical X and I hear there is an MV coming soon.


This Senosister MV is crazier than anything that happened on April Fools Day despite it being dropped on March 31st.

nonayu released yet another new single. She’s being crazy productive this year and we love her for it.


It’s been a while since we heard from the Goot Crew.

PRSMIN released their best-of album, archive of PRISM (yes, everything in the preceding sentence is spelled correctly). It includes some new songs too, of which my favorite is, “Mirai Search.”


This one from QUEENS dropped just as I was finishing up the previous Weekender, so it’s technically from last week. Don’t sue me.

INUWASI pleads the fifth.


DA•BAMBI dropped a few new singles and PV.

Oshiloss Corner

LANA is leaving AdFicTionN after feeling bullied and being the victim of power harassment. In a rare move, management admitted that they had fallen short of their responsibilities, expressed their deep regret for hurting her, and committed to taking members opinions seriously moving forward.

NI-NA will be suspending her activities in MAZE to focus on her health.

ZOC sheds yet another member as Riko Yachia splits with the unit and the agency saying, “It’s difficult to give a specific explanation, so I’d like to refrain.” She will now work as a dancer and choreographer under her real name, Rikako Yamanokuchi.

Who Runo is departing Seireki13ya in May.

Miku is leaving MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN TONAi BOUSHO a.k.a. MONSTERIDOL and WACK due to the worsening of a chronic illness.

Sora Kawamoto will be graduating from Title Mitei after their Zepp Diver City one-man live in May.

Mona will graduate from Schrödinger’s Dog on April 12, which will also mark the end of the unit’s current system. In what’s becoming a new trend, the group have also pre-announced the date of their reboot: April 26.

In idol-adjacent news: BRATS (band project of Rei Kuromiya of REIRIE) officially suspended activities with the expiration of their record contract.

Oshifound Corner

Kaosu Zoldyck, who recently left Tokyo Psychopath and sold many of her iconic outfits, announced that she has gotten married!!

Tsukihi (ex. RAY; current suisou to clematis) performed with UTERO again (aka Rin ex. yumegiwa last girl).

OMNI666 is back!!

Younapi (GOKIGEN, Heppokoz and ex. You’ll Melt More) is in France for some reason.

Have a Good Weekend!!