Your Homicidols Weekender #383

After last week’s bombshell news of MIGMA SHELTER’s imminent disbandment, we could use a week with a little less of that kind of excitement. For once, the idol kami took mercy and (mostly) blessed us with good news this week:

Yurapico and GARUDA are hitting the road together for a European tour in June.

PLANCK STARS creeps closer to their goal of world domination with a visit to Brazil next month.

But they’ll have to fight ATARASHII GAKKO! for it, who just announced their first-ever world tour.

I’m not sure how ASP crammed this much melodic yet dystopic lunacy into just under three minutes, but let’s call it an accomplishment.

NEO JAPONISM star in the next, heart stopping episode of, IDOLS WITH GUNS.

The new PLANCK STARS MV was directed by non other than group’s fearless leader, Majikami☆Kanna.

The new one from BOY MEETS HARU got more replays than any other album in my rotation this week.


Homicidols Most Likely to Breakthrough award winner, MAD MEDiCiNE, brings their dark carnival back to town.

MEMENTO (successor unit to the gone-too-soon Melancholic Cinderella Story) held their official debut this past week and also dropped this lyric MV.

The new nonayu is sweet.


MAZE do their part to keep idolcore alive


Over on the Homicidols Discord server, the new one from yosugala kicked off a discussion of how massively they’ve improved in their sophomore year.  It’s true! And their latest album is all over my playlists.

Lan (the idol formerly know as NEO TREES) released a new song.


Rukatama dropped a new EP.


NUANCE is another one of those units that’s just way too good for this site.

Oshiloss Corner

Tokanai Nonno has graduated from TOKYO Tefutefu, at least partially due to the impacts of injuries suffered in a car accident.

mistress announced the end of their current system effective the end of September.

Ten Ebihara, who has been on hiatus, will graduate from MagMell on April 1.

Mari-Cha has decided to graduate from JUGS MAFIA due to the expiration of her contract and “after considering my physical and mental condition and various circumstances.”

Oshifound Corner

Whoever picked Ayano Yanagisawa (CLOCK & BOTANHeppokoz,  and ex. Gu-Gu LULU and BELLRING Shoujo Heart) joining Gokigen in 2024, collect your prize

Yurapico (soloist and ex. BURST GIRL and Guso Drop) has joined Zessei no Imperial Collection as a support member, as has Kanon Uehara (Bakuon Dolls Syndrome 0)

Speaking of Zessei no Imperial Collection, former support member, Kakizaki Risaki (ex. MANACLE and NECRONOMIDOL) had lunch with Moe Hiiro and Meru Kusunoki (current and former XOXO EXTREME respectively).

Brazil is already lining up work for her life post-MIGMA SHELTER.

Last but certainly not least: swancry, the extraordinary band project from Shida Hikage (ex Yukueshirezutsurezure) released a new PV.

Have a Good Weekend!!

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