Your Homicidols Weekender #382

It was a roller-coaster week in alt-idol. The biggest and most impactful event of the past few days was the announcement that MIGMA SHELTER, one of our most beloved units and winner of ten Homicidols Best of the Year awards,  would be suspending all activities on June 2nd. But before you drown in the melancholy details of that impending departure down in the Oshiloss Corner, bolster your emotional fortitude with the knowledge that good things also happened this week! For example:

Isiliel announced her US tour dates!

MAD JAMIE is returning to Europe in May!

And we now live in a world where ATARASHII GAKKO!, that quirky little piano-rock idol unit championed by URBANGARDE, is now photobombing  Hollywood red carpets.

AiNA THE END is playing the Budokan!

CHIKEN BLOW THE IDOL is hanging out in the Philippines with actual chickens!

See?!! The world IS sometimes a demonstrably good and wonderful place! More evidence:

BABYMETAL teamed up with their old friend, F.HERO, and Thai metal band, BODYSLAM for an epic collab.

SHINGEKI release an epic production all on their own.

AiNA THE END continues to be EXTRAORDiNARY.

YOLOZ (formerly know as On the treat Super Season) advance their campaign for a Reboot of the Year title.

The album cover from the new situasion single will challenge both your brain AND your eyes.

The Grateful a MogAAAz ignite in this PV for, “I wish I could live with more fire.”

Meet Wooly, a solo idol from Australia who just unleashed a new EP.

So nice that they named it twice: it’s a new track from BPM15Q.

Pan Luna Leafy‘s all-star unit, NARLOW push forward toward their sophomore year.

PPPR!! dropped a catchy new drinking song.


Pupa!! PV! They are criminally underrated. If you enjoy Yanakoto Sotto Mute, airattic, or mzsrz, I highly recommend diving into this unit.

CALETWOLF deliver a holy relic in EP form.


Here’s the legend, live: usabeni.

Title MiteI made this lovely PV but I kept getting distracted by the challenges posed by the ill-fitting mic windscreens.

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, naramoore brought this one to our attention: if you like a little murder with your electro-swing, try AdamLilith.

Lastly, let’s check in with BiSH‘s successor unit, BiTE A SHOCK:

Oshiloss Corner

As previously mentioned, MIGMA SHELTER announced that they will be suspending activities indefinitely after their one-man rave on June 2, saying, ” With this performance, all members will graduate from MIGMA SHELTER and begin a new path.”

The members all released statements regarding their impending graduations. Brazil’s was especially poignant, saying, ” I wanted to deliver MIGMA SHELTER to the world. I wanted to dance with everyone forever. However, considering the past history and current situation, I am convinced that it is unavoidable for the group to choose an indefinite hiatus. My dream didn’t come true.”

The MIGMA news totally overshadowed another huge loss announced this week: Chick-flick  will be ending their activities in May.

On the same day that MIGMA dropped their bombshell, sui sui also announced that they will disband after their 5th anniversary one-man live on June 23.

Oshifound Corner

Because idol is a reflection and representation of the transient nature of all things, with every disbandment, there must be a reboot.

To that end, effective yesterday, March 15, Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. has resumed activities with a new system consisting of three former and three new members.   Veterans Mei Yui Mei, Komochi Nene, and Megumi Kusaragi will be joined by newcomers Muku, Rate Miruru, and Hikari Hino.

The circle of idol life is complete.

Homicidols Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend!