Your Homicidols Weekender #381

Happy weekend from Homicidols! In case you didn’t catch it, we have released the first chapter in our latest community project, so check out the Best Choruses in Alt-Idol as chosen by you and your fellow wota. But we aren’t the only ones who have been productive over the last several days:

CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL has had a very active week in the Philippines showing off their new costumes.

Isiliel has prepared her very first band set that you can watch via livestreaming.

Speaking of live idol: there are few things better than a WAGAMAMA RAKIA band set.

It may be sacrilege to say, but PIGGS‘ new rendition of “LINK EMOTION” might be better than the original. 

In their latest MV, dream pop unit, Title Mitei, envisions idols as “Wings of Desire”-type angels, but with a lot less ennui.

The nonayu collaboration with PINKBLESS arrived on streaming.

1t’s jus7 situasion 6eing aw3s0m3.

Axelight has moved well out of the shadow of the sister unit. 

SAZANAMi Λug. released an MV for the first solo song by member Kanoto Kanotoki.

Reno Chiharu from BOY MEETS HARU has also released a solo song.

ATARASHII GAKKO! have left the underground for ectoplasm as they play out many a childhood dream as Ghostbusters.

One of our favorite new acts of the year, pinponpanpon, performed live for charity.

We support ska idol and RENTETSU!!

RYUTist is way to classy for this site.

Oshiloss Corner

Shion Epic is withdrawing from BiS.

ZOC announced the end of the current system and their were mixed feelings all the way around. Whatever form the new unit takes, it will be without Marina Nishii, Maro Kannagi, or Nodoka Shizume in the line-up.

Sakura Tsubaki, who has been on hiatus, will be leaving LADYBABY due to “circumstances.” 

BETHY will be leaving AKIRA-KURO at the end of March

KING∞RAGE announced the end of their current system and promised a one-man for the rebooted unit by the end of spring.

Oshifound Corner

X!DENT is suddenly a four member unit after adding REN and KAINIE of PSEUDO SIGMA to the lineup.

swancry, the phenomenal band project of Shida Hikage (ex. Yukueshirezutsurezure) released a new demo single.

Boss Rei (ex. GUSO Drop and BURST GIRL)  dropped a new EP from her fancy animal punk band, KNUCKLE CHIHUAHUA.

RISANO (ex. lyrical school) announced the launch of her solo project.

Psyche and Raga  will be returning their EPs to streaming services until they can re-record them under the new system.

Shirai, who was fired from KING∞RAGE back in December, has resurfaced in a new unit.

Have a Good Weekend!