Your Homicidols Weekender #379

Here’s a gentle reminder that this is your last weekend to get in your submissions for the best drops, hooks and choruses in alt-idol. Nomination close on Monday.

While we are still waiting for announcements of 2024 idol appearances in the States (other than the April tour by Broken By the Scream) there was a small bit of Idols-Around-th-World news this week:

Isiliel has landed in Taiwan for her first-ever performance in that country.

FiDZ and DA • BAMBI  are appearing virtually at Sweden’s Närcon today.

MAD MEDiCiNE, your pick for Most likely to Breakthrough in 2024, dropped their first major release of the year. 

PIGGS are post-punk kaiju in their latest MV.  

METALVERSE, the electro-swing BABYMETAL sub-unit, dropped this PV as their first official media.

The latest from THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO is one of their very best.


Li-V-RAVE may be down to a single member, but Minori Harukawa here proves that less can definitely be more. 

More than half of the tracks on the new yosugala album are never-heard-before songs.

Are we going to revive our Best Name award for 2024? Because MOON RABBiTS might be the early front runner.

On the overseas idol front, Taiwan’s NO FACE NO REaLiTY released this very impresive mash-up of prog-rock and idolcore.

Solaris in the Rain released their new single and MV, “Too Blue Sky, Never Ending Song,” which, strangely, ends after only three minutes and 48 seconds.

Since the crow wing costumes are already taken, MOZU opts for crow beaks.

Kobe’s Goot Crew are out here fighting sweatshirt ninjas in their new MV.

There’s always a soft spot in my heart for SANDAL TELEPHONE.

Oshiloss Corner

NOW DRAMATiC  will be taking a break to restructure the unit following the graduation of Nanatic on March 21. Lina My Friend, Capone, and Mayu Honey will participate in the new system while Captain Misato will continue on hiatus. 

mellow life has decided to disband following the graduation of members blanca and rinan

Lily of the Valley will end activities in August.

Oshifound Corner

Now that THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND has disbanded, Michelle has restarted her work as a VTuber.

The latest song from music project Kindan no Tasuketsu features vocals from Brazil (MIGMA SHELTER).

Meet LØISLOID, a new unit debuting on March 16. The members are all idol veterans:

  • Shiho Tannan (ex. DAIDAIDAI)
  • Shigure Suiyoubi (ex.  Anone)
  • Rito Itou (ex. 340.29m/s
  • Rena Suga (ex. ROOM 0205)
  • Amana Tea (ex. DAIYON and FANTASIA BLACK)

Yulane Hoshino will be joining The Grateful a MogAAAz, continuing their tradition of picking new members from amongst their support staff. She makes the switch from working the merch table to strutting the stage on March 15th.

Have a Good Weekend!!