Your Homicidols Weekender #378

It was a crazy week, but I did finally manage to launch our latest community project seeking your nominations for the best drops, hooks, breakdowns, and choruses in alt, indie and underground idol.  I did realize, however, that I forgot to give a deadline for submissions. Why don’t we say, Monday, February 26th? That should work.

So, think of some good stuff to nominate this weekend but, if you’re in the UK, schedule a break to score tickets to WACK in the UK Vol. 2.  They go on sale today including some very limited VIP tickets that includes a light lunch with the members. Good luck to all going for that. I assume they will sell out in about four seconds.

Speaking of WACK: BiS don’t want to grow up, and neither do I.

I tried to think of a volcano pun, but failed: here’s the new MAGMAZ MV.


The new MV from RAY is the very definition of “Chill.”

A bunch of folks over on Homicidols Discord server the like Finally. Here’s why.

I predicted NEO JAPONISM would deliver their next PV from somewhere near Vegas, but they headed back to San Francisco instead, making me a big fat liar.

Zessei no Imperial Collection made their recently released new album available on streaming.

kagari give us a nice sentimental MV documenting the chika idol life.

We featured YOLOZ in the last Weekender to mark their debut performance. Here’s a PV from that event.

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, Carrythezero brought our attention to Okayama pop punk unit,  Sokoni arubeki monono subetewo (meaning: “that’s all there is to it”).

Ikigusare cheer on the demons torturing your soul.

UNDERBEASTY celebrates their 10 year anniversary in two months. In preparation, here’s a dance proactive video for their new single. 

ZOC, who is back to being called “ZOC”, released a new ZOC MV.

Zetsubou no Pomeranian finally drop a proper MV.

downerprism released their new drunken, diabetes inducing single, “Chocolate Brandy Cosmo Soda.”

pinponpanpon wish you a Happy Year of the Dragon!

Idol in Focus

Back in October, Circle Lychee was born. The multi-group project consists of four units anchored by the already-well-established Mercuro.

The other units include Clara Magura, who just dropped their debut MV. Their concept is articulated as simply, “scream,” and they aim to “express the real human heart and emotions.” They have a song called “DEATH AND RAMEN” that I need to track down.

Then there’s  Verotica, whose concept is, well, eroticism, which they channel through a retro, Reiwa style.  This comes across pretty clearly in their new MV. 

The fourth unit, aesthetic radical expression group, Galatia, dropped their debut MV last month. They are based in Osaka and their theme is, “beauty and madness.”

Oshiloss Corner

KOSAME announced her retirement from idol. Her last live will be livestreamed.

For once, we have an warmhearted item for the Oshiloss Corner: While Mikan is out recovering from a medical procedure, CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL distributed her lyrics to fans and asked them to sing her parts.

Myon has left Ringwanderung. They do not say why.

OMNI666 is disbanding. Mayabi will work as a solo artist while Momoka, Ren, and Uyu will be forming a new group.

Live idol FRONTIER SENSATION is disbanding.

Oshifound Corner

Broken By the Scream confirms that their new, fourth member will debut on March 29 prior to their tour of the Americas

Homicidols Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend!