Your Homicidols Weekender #377

We miss Maniac, the erstwhile founder of Homicidols dot com. Some weeks, more than than others. Maniac not only had impeccable musical tastes, but he was also able to sit down in front of a keyboard at 5:00 a.m. and pound out a cogent, inciteful, and amusing blog post and publish it before his coffee was cold.  That is not a feat that I am capable of. Case in point: I did a bunch of leg work last weekend for an article I intended to get out the door for Monday or Tuesday. Now here it is, Weekender time, and I still haven’t finished the darn thing. 

It is my aspiration to be more like Maniac, so I will now be taking a page directly from his playbook. Will I wake up earlier? Be a more productive writer? Adopt a better sense of humor? 


I am re-booting the Maniac-era Weekender segment:

Idol in Focus 

Today marks the debut of YOLOZ, the successor group to one of the best named units in idol, On the treat Super Season.  They are produced by ANTVOX (home of PRSMIN and TELLMIT), the company whose President just happens to be Ary of uijin.

The four members are:

  • ichi (ex. ONE KILL, ReXlus, and aka Mashiro of  Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.)
  • Ria Ranzuki (aka Ria Shinonome of Parallel Cider and HEROINES
  • Mirai KogumaRin Rindou (original members of On the treat Super Season)

They also released their first MV for the song, “ONLY.” The lyrics for the tune are from their producer, Ary, with music composed by Shinnoho who has also written songs for NEO JAPONISM, buGG, QUEENS, and Malcom Mask McLaren.

Since we dropped the name of buGG above, we might as well drop their new MV as well.

situasion reclaim their crown as the most interesting unit in underground idol.

While we’re in the arthouse idol milieu, RYUTist channel Kurosawa in their latest dream pop MV.

Another extraordinary unit with an all lower-case name, airattic show what they can do when backed by a live band. “Yes” to more of this please:

We got a couple of new songs from RAY this week (who also announced plans for their upcoming 5th anniversary one-man live). First was a this interpretation of “Tsugaru Yosare Bushi”, one of the three major folk songs of Tsugaru. They also released a collaboration split single with Pupa!! including this arrangement of Pupa!!’s “maboroshi.” 

Last week, we got a street PV from San Francisco. This week is Santa Monica. I will predict that, next week, we will get a NEO JAPONISM PV from somewhere near Vegas.

ERISU released a VLOG of their recent trip to Sweden where they performed with the amazing NEMLESS and SARI, our eternal Queen. As a bonus, you can catch their reaction to learning they won Homicidols Best Overseas Idol  for the second year in a row.

Speaking of kaigai idols, we have a newcomer to the overseas idol pantheon. Meet URODIA from the Philippines.

“Noodle of Life” is the first single from the new, six-member qppo.


Yurapico is on a journey.

AiNA THE END is operating on another level entirely.

We support ska idols! NO❤︎AF dropped a new single suitable for skanking.


BOY MEETS HARU says “Hello” to the world. Hi BOY MEETS HARU!!

Over on the Homicidols Discord Server, Carrythezero introduced us to pinkcity, a low fi, hip hop unit he stumbled across. They already have an EP out.

Here’s a fun one from IQ99 called, “You have no choice but to live with us,” featuring cameos from dozens of friends and fans.

END OF MISERY, a relatively new unit out of Kansai, released their very first album.


Oshiloss Corner

THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND held their last live.

Kingsari is seeing a pair of significant departures: Enma Amagami Daitenshi will be leaving the group on February 18th due to differences between her future activities and the direction of the group. Meanwhile, Rei Ageha will graduate in mid-March as she is finding it difficult to balance her idol activities and her studies.

Mika Akatsuki will be graduating from ZEPANEWT on February 21st. The group will then be ending activities on March 1st.

Ayatori Neko and Runachi Suzuki will be leaving Caress Van End in mid-March.

Sakura Yumegiwa, who has been on hiatus, decided to leave yumegiwa last girl.

Oshifound Corner

Meet actor Shizune Agawa, recently signed to Kubo Promotions. You may know her as  Shiika of RILISREVERSE or She of HAMIDASYSTEM.

GALS has rebooted as SUPERGENE

MELTY GHOST CLUB was apparently re-apparated as the opening act for YABAGIG on New Years Eve.  Will we get a full blown resurrection? Let’s ask the Ouija board. 

Homicidols Weekend Radio

This was late for last weekend, but that just means it was early for this one:

Have a Good Weekend!

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