Your Homicidols Weekender #376

I’ve been getting a bit antsy of late, waiting for any announcement of plans idols may have to head west in 2024. Other than the upcoming WACK in the UK Part 2,  things have been pretty quiet. That is, unless you happened to be in the Netherlands this week where Miho, Nonayu, and Okinawa Electric Girl Saya dropped by to warm some western, winter hearts.

In other news of overseas idol excursions, situatison is back in Thailand.

And CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL announced that they will spend a full two weeks of March in the Philippines accompanied by solo idol TENOHIRA EL.

While we are waiting for new announcements of upcoming shows, we can always reminisce about idol lives past: NEO JAPONISM dropped a dance MV filmed during their time in the States last fall.

Here is a VLog about PLANCKSTARS visit to London last year.

Nani’n’Nerun? (aka Nani and Nerun of You’ll Melt More!) are, quite possibly, the greatest sub-unit of all time. 

LADYBABY released another PV from their New Year’s day show.

For those of us who can’t catch situasion in Thailand, they left us with this studio PV.

Blowsmokers, one of the most highly anticipated debut’s of the year so far, released their first song.

We’re just going to call the new MAMESHiBA conglomeration MONSTERIDOL for simplicity’s sake.

OMG was my pick for 2024 debut of the year. Here’s some evidence to retroactively support the selection.

King Sari give us another PV from their recent band set.

Here’s a Happy New album from MagMell.


ZEPANEWT released an MV as they near their one year anniversary.

Two weeks out from the release of their first album, Finger Runs release this funky, double A-side single.

Here’s a lovely acoustic cover from Lulu Nekome of CHEMICAL X.

Osaka’s PLEVAIL push through with a live MV.

Learn how to two-step before attending a CALETWOLF live.

Oshiloss Corner

Melancholic Cinderella Story held their last live.

All of the members of coed unit, Suiseimushi, will be leaving in mid-march marking the end of their current system.

Yayoi and Peko will graduate from MEWM after the end of their 3rd anniversary tour in April.

Oshifound Corner

It seems the people behind Melancholic Cinderella Story will not be idle long. They are teasing a new unit called MOMENTO consisting of the formers members of Merasisu teaming up with the idol duo, My Criminal Lovers’

Have a Good Weekend!!

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