Your Homicidols Weekender #375

We unveiled of your Homicidols Best of 2023 award winners earlier this week, and it was great fun to see all of the reactions from around the world.

For example, here’s a three hour long discussion on YouTube of your Homicidols Best of the Year awards in German. I studied German for two years in high school,  but it did not help me much here.

And fresh off their Saddest Graduation win, Broken By the Scream is taking their new line-up to France to play a major metal festival.

A lot of this year’s awardees marked their wins with new releases:

PLANCKSTARS released a new PV in celebration of their Idol Of the Year nod.

REIREI got downright silly after receiving multiple awards this year including Best Debut.

Immediately after receiving this year’s honor for Collaboration of the Year, BABYMETAL dropped this PV for their joint effort with Tom Morello.

Now that they took home the award for Best Overseas Idol, ERISU would like your vote to win this talent contest. If the link in the tweet doesn’t work for you, try this one.

Best Overseas Idol nominee, Shimmer Shimpmer, covered a song by Idol of the Year nominee, AiNA THE END.

They are always a winner in our book: CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL released a new digital single.


SUPER MACARONI SALAD came very close to upsetting REIRIE for Best Group Debut. Here’s an idea why.

We are keeping a very close eye on potential future Best Of awardee, pinponpanpon.

ATARASHII GAKKO! celebrate being granted entry to Coachella.

Best Album of 2023 nominee, TOKYO Tefufu, released their first single of 2024.


If we had an award for Best Idol Ska, NO❤︎AF would be a perennial nominee.

Slope Club released an interview with Zessei no Imperial Collection.

FiDZ had a fairly quiet 2023, but start 2024 with a new EP.


The latest from mzsrz is a solo song from Kirari Ohara. It’s been selected as the closing theme for the dorama, SHUT UP.

tonalia support their latest single with a lyric MV.

Here’s the second solo single from Alice of the always excellent, SAZANAMi Λug.

We love it every time we hear from senosister.

BobIsRandom, who finds all sorts of good stuff that never appears in my YouTube feed, posted this on the Homicidols Discord Server. It is from a relatively new group, Taiyou to Odore, Tsukiyo ni Utae, who has both a night and day unit, but this is apparently their first joint single. It’s like city pop with random metal drops.

Let’s stay in a city pop groove with sommeil sommeil.

Oshiloss Corner

Matsuri is leaving You’ll Melt More

Rita Nanase is leaving Antithese. She will continue to work as an idol.

DEMO unveiled their new costumes, dropped a digital single, and announced their disbandment.

Mei Yamano is leaving Qumari Depart in April.

Oshifound Corner

Fresh off her win for 2023 Friend of Homicidols, ano scored the role of Mem-cho in the live-action version of Oshi no Koi.

Blowsmokers, the new unit produced by Sayaka Himizu of Bury, unveiled their first group photo.

Homicidols Weekend Radio

Have  Good Weekend!!