Your Homicidols Weekender #374

The votes are in! The ballots are being counted. It was a wild ride and thank you to everyone who participated in the Best of 2023 voting cycle!

Actually, Team knows who all the winners are but we’re preparing the awards and can’t tell anyone just yet.  If you are overwhelmed with anticipation, try to distract yourself with this edition of the Weekender and the return of Homicidols Weekend Radio!

You can also distract yourself by making some travel plans for an upcoming show.Tickets are on sale for the Broken By the Scream tour of the Americas.


Or get ready for round two of WACK in the UK with the latest from GANG PARADE.

But you won’t need to distract yourself for too long. We will be releasing the results of the Homicidols Best of 2023 on Monday.

Speaking of the Best of the Year, back towards the end of 2022 I got asked by another blog to put together a top-ten songs-of-the-year list that they published. I prepared a similar list for the end of this past year, but I never got asked for it. Anyway, one of the songs on that Top Ten Songs of ’23 list that I put together and nobody asked to see was, “FLASH BACK” by CIRCLE CRUSHER, which also happens to be the second song in this new PV.

NEO JAPONISM put out this PV of them performing at what looks like the President Snow’s mansion from “The Hunger Games”.

Our favorite hyperpop devil, nonayu, delivered a new digital single called, “I don’t want to see you happy.”

THE+BETH built up a lot of momentum last year and kick off 2024 with a serious “Rock ‘n roll Elegy.”

ASP had an eventful week. They played a couple of dates with WARGASM, then released a new single (composed with Sam Matlock of  WARGASM) that hit the top of the Oricon daily charts. They followed that up with an announcement that they signed with UK label, JPU records.

The always underrated JIEMEI released a new EP.


situasion wants to know if you bel1eve.

Another one of my favorite songs from last year just got a PV: “VERSUS” from CYCLONISTA.

The unit formerly know as MAMESHiBA no TAiGUN released their first single as MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN TONAi BOUSHO a.k.a. the much easier to remember MONSTERIDOL.

Village in Maier gets a lot of buzz in the Homicidols Discord server. See why.

BLUEGOATS new single sports our first prospective nominee for Best Album Art of 2024.


Everyone else was dropping PVs this week, so King Sari pitched in one from this band set.

RED-i will release a new digital single each month for the next three months. Here’s the first in the series. 


PLANCK STARS dropped three new songs just this week. Here’s one:


Here’s the relatively recently rebooted, Pomeranians of Despair.

AWE shall conclude on this new PV of a classic -caeca- tune. 

Oshiloss Corner

Aria Aizawa up and left JUGS MAFIA.

Ten Tsuyu announced she is graduating from Nidaime Fukanshou Hebi Ichigo and leaving the agency after the expiration of her contract in April.

Oshifound Corner

Underbeasty is moving to a new agency run by Yua Uetake (ex. Underbeasty).

Seira Asahina (ex. SPARK SPEAKER) has been teasing that she is involved in something upcoming. It appears to be a project associated with GOKIGEN.

HAZE, the band project of KATY (Akumo no Kiss, and ex. ZOC) dropped new one.

Weekend Radio

Cal remembered the password to our Spotify account, so I am thrilled to announce the return of Homicidols Weekend Radio!!

Have  a Good Weekend!!

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  1. The new JIEMEI EP are actually former Dare mo Shiranai. (r.i.p. T_T) songs.
    Within the first two seconds I was like “wtf I know that beat” ahah

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