Your Homicidols Weekender #372

It is only the first Weekender of the new year and 2024 is already in full swing.

Broken By the Scream is performing in the US this weekend at Anime Los Angeles, but made other headlines this week with their announcement of an upcoming multinational tour that will hit North, Central and South America.

Isiliel is spending her first weekend of the year in Köln (that’s “Cologne” to us English speakers, or “Colonia Agrippina” if you still communicate in Latin). 

Later this month, SARI is holding her birthday live in Sweden featuring friends NEMLESS and ERISU. A live streaming option is available.

BPM15Q teamed up with their regular partner in crime, TeddyLoid, to drop their first huge beat of the year.

The new single from AiNA THE END is everything. She is on track to ruling the world by August.

Saihate no Highlight kick off their second year of existence with this high energy MV.

Over the Homicidols Discord server, Pedro introduced us to an early entry in the race for Best Debut of 2024: pinponpanpon. We don’t know much about them except that they are produced by someone named frenchcries, subtitle their videos in English, and generate a ton of chaotic-good energy. Also, they bill themselves as “Japan’s most popular idol,” so we better get on board quick.

MiiS dropped a couple of new songs this past week. This is my favorite of the two. There is apparently an English version of it floating around somewhere as well.


I’ve been waiting for the dream pop pedigree of Ac!u Gromov’s producer to show itself, and one week into their second year, there it is!

Our electro-swing favorites, Craveit! had a quiet 2023, so it’s nice to see them tapping into 2024 with a brand new maxi single.


PVs were the trend for the first week of the new year. PIGGS got the whole thing started.

CYNHN was a bit quiet in 2023. Hopefully, it was in preparation for a big 2024.

You’ll Melt More! celebrated a successful year which including their Western debut. Hopefully they come back again this year!

Devil ANTHEM. ended their year with perhaps there biggest show ever at Tokyo City Hall. They made an important announcement one day later. Keep on reading for that.

NO❤︎AF knows there is no better way to kick of a year than with some ska idol

DeepL translated this one by tonalia as, “at breakfast next door.” Or maybe it was just hungry and went out for a bite.

While HEROINES reboot of LADYBABY has gotten all the attention lately, they do have a whole bunch of other acts. Like TENRIN

Here is our second dose of Oiran Dochu and their fusion of traditional Japanese instrumentation with rock.

Future bass unit, mellow life, eased into the new year with a lyric MV.

Oshiloss Corner

Cent Chihiro Chittiii is leaving WACK and transferring to Stardust Promotions. There’s no word yet on if her new management company will also let her date up-to-two boyfriends at the same time.

Devil ANTHEM. will disband a effective the end of December … 2024. So you only have 12 more months of Devil ANTHEM.

Hime, the family dog so beloved by Boss Rei that she named not one, but TWO punk bands after it, has sadly passed away.

Oshifound Corner

On the treat Super Season is rebooting as YOLOZ with some familiar faces. Most prominent is ichi (ex. ONE KILL, ReXlus, MAOA2R and formerly know as Mashiro, founding member of Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.)

In what could explain her second graduation in the last twelve months: Risaki Kakizaki got married and is expecting a child. She also says she would like to resume activities at some point in the future because she is a freaking Boss.

DAICHI called Mayoi (ex. CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL) on New Years Day and says she is fine.

We love swancry.

Saki Shirozakura (ex. -odoro-) has started a YouTube channel.

ano celebrated her triumphant New Year’s Eve performance at Kohaku Uta Gassen with a new MV.

Have a Happy New Year!!