Your Homicidols Weekender #370

It is your Idol X-Mas 2023 edition of the Weekender!! As Team finishes up school and work and heads off to spend holiday time with family, we are also still tabulating Best of the Year nominations and will get the ballot out as soon as the egg nog wears off.

In the meantime, Isiliel will be spending Christmas in Europe and you can join her for livestreams on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

If you happen to be looking for a Japan-centric soundtrack for your holiday festivities, I have done a massive update to my J-Pop X-Mas Playlist this year. It features tunes from site favorites like The Orchestra Tokyo, GoodDay, Toricago, and Dempagumi Inc. plus a ton of other idols, bands, and soloists. 


So, what did idol Santa bring us this year?

In one of the most highly anticipated MV releases in recent memory, here’s “Lilith” from Isiliel.

We got some new LADYBABY live.

Yurapico is not all smiles, but she is 100% awesome. She also has a new album coming out on Christmas. Thank you idol Santa!

If you missed AiNATOAOI at WACK in London, here is their performance for the NHK World Music Festival.

KILLERMACHINE continues to fire on all cylinders.

Toto Aine (ex. EvE) released an intense MV for her powerful solo debut (trigger warning: abuse and suicide).

RAY continue to present us with a new PV each week, a tradition I pray never ends.

tonalia (the successor unit to RILISREVERSE) gifted us with a new song.


MAPA dropped a winter-themed single.

New unit, Oiran Dochu, make their debut fusing traditional Japanese music with piano rock.

The new MV from Schrödinger’s Dog may have been more appropriate for Halloween time.

Oshiloss Corner

Education takes another idol: HUYU is graduating from X!DENT to focus on her schooling.

Yuzu Himiro and Mio Hoshina were both fired from Anthurium for “a serious breach of contract.”

Risa Suzuneko is leaving Quubi and ending her idol career, “with no regrets.”

Anyagon left munen for unspecified personal reasons.

Noa Tachibana is graduating from DINKY JUNK.

FaM held their last live.

Oshifound Corner

Shizuku Mikogami is the newest member of Broken By the Scream. She is the former leader of BLACK♡RAZE under the name Aono Wayono.

She will be making her US debut with BBTS in just a few weeks at Anime Los Angeles.

Just prior to the above two firings, Anthurium had announced the addition of Shino Itou (ex. Malcolm Mask McLaren) effective January 1.

ano (ex. You’ll Melt More) started a new religion with cats, I think.

Have a Good Weekend and a Merry Idol X-Mas!!