Your Homicidols Weekender #37

Hello friends! Have you enjoyed Queen of the Scene so far? I’ll warn you, the very first event for the real competition is going to be really dumb. Like, so, so dumb. I’m really looking forward to it!

It was kind of a quiet week overall, though, huh? Nothing like the one prior, which, woof. But, especially if you were a fan of Friends back in the day, check out the Fun, have a beverage of your choice and kick back, because it’s the friggin’ weekend and we’re having a nor’easter here in the Maniac neighborhood!

I Have a Feeling That You Put a Lot of Crap in Here, Maniac

Just as a note, Narasaki Yuri, or the Artist You Probably Remember as Kyuri from FRUITPOCHETTE Whose Actual Name Is Hard to Decipher, is back to solo activities* (still with Mad Magazine) and probably worth a follow. She even has a new website!

*This has nothing to do with the included blog post; I just wanted something visual

If you live in Honduras, I bet PassCode’s coming to visit any day now!

Sorry, I know that’s kind of mean

The lovable weirdos in Gokigen Teikoku are releasing their first album, and their upcoming one-man is somewhat ominously titled:

They’re also huge trolls, so maybe it’s just to announce that Ichigo’s changing her hair color again.

I got a kick out of thinking that Yuyu has this secret, burning resentment toward Aya as a result of the old BiS auditions, and just trolls her mercilessly now that they’re groupmates:


NECRONOMIDOL and DEAD LIFT LOLITA hooked up with THE Natsu no Mamono last weekend, and here are the photos to prove it:

Beard’s been hitting the gym again. He needs that.

Necroma also did one hell of a photo shoot while in Europe, apparently:

If you were interested in getting Snowdrop’s EP, there are only a few left:

I totally missed this from Party Rockets GT a while ago at this point, but neat!

One half of the too-cool Koutei Camera Gal is calling it quits:

My girl Hoshino Yuana from Heart ni Pochicon was really feeling herself the other day:

Look at everybody hanging out with Yuffy!

Meet merry merli:

Just like with BiSH, we’re going to get to watch GANG PARADE’s tour final on Nico Nico:

The latest Codomomental project, Kaqriyo Terror Architect, will be showing off some new material at the family reunion show in a couple of weeks:

Respect your PLIC PROCK:

Tsukino Moa from Kamen Joshi and Armor Girls and also this awesome bass got to play with an otter and is therefore a huge jerk:

I love the crap out of idol sometimes.

Have you ever thought, I’d like to see a BiS live, from the stage, while in a guillotine? Here’s your chance:

We can finally say for sure that DEVIL GUN is wrapping up:

Also Panic Magic:

Now let’s just hope that ANFORT’s going to officially follow them into the dustbin of history.

My girls Kaishin no Ichigeki:

Fans of THE SPUNKY may be excited to know what Yuhi is alive on Twitter:


Enjoy your weekend!

Somebody find an idol project for Fuki, please

9 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #37

  1. Thank you for introducing Chiitan the otter. 🙂

    A cleaner with a gun is saying;
    “Thank you for always using the toilet cleanly.
    Please tell me if you see someone who has seriously defiled. I will clean it immediately.”
    What does she clean?

  2. Since you mentioned Kyuri, she was the only one absent from the FRUITPOCHETTE last live on Sunday night. They did 25 songs (including an encore, and double-encore) and it was all Mina + Shiori (I think maybe Shiori did one song on her own). RUM turned up for one song which was great. Since Kyuri was absent, their producer pretended to be Kyuri for a while which was funny. The whole show was great, and they’re releasing a DVD of it you had to pre-order at the live. It was odd cuz it started at midnight, the live lasted 2 hours, and then there were 2 hours of buppan till close at 4am, just about time to walk and catch the first train of Monday morning.

      • Mina was super cute! So cute. Looked like she was loving being on stage again as well. She was hopeless at operating the “take photo” button on my phone though. She had to read the lyrics to the song with RUM off her phone, cuz I guess she’s never performed that one before. RUM was really funny, kinda like she wasn’t expecting to be called onto the stage or something. Then she had to warm up and practice her screaming voice for a bit before the song. She was manning the DVD pre-order stand afterwards so my interaction with her was limited to getting her to write my JP proxy address on the form since I can’t write kanji.

        Btw, if you look on Mina’s twitter, you can see that she and Zuma will be doing some band thing for a little while, with Mina on guitar.

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