Your Homicidols Weekender #369

As I compose this, all the Twitter links in the below article are currently borked. I hope that straightens out before the post publishes. I’ve been trying to rely less and less on Twitter content since His Holiness, The King of Twitter made it clear he doesn’t want Tweets viewed on any domain he didn’t massively overpay for. Unfortunately, for now, Twitter is still the communication conduit of choice for chika idols,  so we must still rely on it, especially for the Oshiloss and Oshifound Corners. It is probably only a matter of time before tweets stop embedding at all, but we will see how long this all lasts.

In the realm of things we have much more control over:

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for Homicidols Best of the Year!! Nominations are now closed. The next step is for us (Kerrie) to apply our patented, rigorous, and statistically valid analytical process to the submissions and output the official Best of 2023 ballot. Look for that to show up in about a week at which time we can get down to voting.

In the meantime, enjoy these early contenders for Best of the Year, 2024.

The new one from LuciDream is composed by Utsu-P.

Kingsari would like this dance. And for you to listen to their new album.

Picking a favorite RAY song is a next to impossible task, but this one is probably a finalist.

The new MAD JAMIE is a bit more contemplative and emo than normal, but still awesome.


I’ve been going through the Best of the Year nominations. A lot of you like downerprism.

We get to see two sides of Circle Crusher in this one. Their civilian side and dressed for battle.

Make a visit to the winter illuminations with MAGMAZ.

nonayu is featured on this track by SHINK


Ikigusare recorded this in a basement studio constructed from your nightmares.

Live MANACLE from the management.

Better late than never: TOKYO Tefutefu give us a new MV for the single they dropped last May. 

BTW: the choreography for this one from INUWASI is courtesy of Sayaka from NEO JAPONISM.

A live MV for a nice emo tune from Antithese.

I thought it had been a while since we last heard from Kanaku Logic, and it’s nice to know I’m not crazy. Here’s their first MV in a  year-and-a-half:

KRD8 release a “Circle” with an edge.

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, Bob is Random brought our attention to city pop unit SPANCALL GOOD TIMEZ who just dropped their first album.

Oshiloss Corner

This fairytale has a tragic ending: Melancholic Cinderella Story will be disbanding in January after putting out some of the best stuff we saw all year. 

Enshou Ritsu has withdrawn from NARLOW  “due to the discovery of an act that betrayed the trust between the members and management of the group.”

Non Ookami will be ceasing activities with EMPATHY but will be continuing as a member of AIBECK.

Selected Yuri and Risky Heartbreak will graduate from SZWARC NEVER at the end of January.

Michelle Burn Velvet is ending activates later this month.

Oshifound Corner

Guso Drop and BURST GIRL re-united at Yurapico’s 10th anniversary show which culminated in Yurapico being carted off to the hospital to get stiches in her head. A good time was had by all.

Broken By the Scream has selected a new member.

While we are losing one dark, Cinderella-themed unit, we have picked up a new one: Over on the Homicidols Discord server a sharp-eyed Fredo spotted three ex-members of the recently disbanded Dinosaur in this new unit, Shokei-dai no Cinderella (roughly: “Cinderella on the Executioner’s block”).

Unearthed by Zheng on the Homicidols Discord server: Sayaka Himizu of Bury, is producing a new rock unit called  Blowsmokers set to debut in March of next year.

Have a Good Weekend!