Your Homicidols Weekender #368

As we hurtle towards idol X-Mas, the second best holiday next to idol Halloween, be sure to take some time out to reflect on the past twelve months and submit your nominations for 2023’s best in alternative, indie, and underground idol by next Friday:

In the meantime, just one week into Homicidols year 2024, we are already being hit with a deluge of new material, debuts, and disbandments. In the past 24 hours alone it seems like a half of everybody dropped a new MV. Not everything made it into the Weekender because it was just too much, but here’s most of the best stuff:

Isiliel dropped details on her 2024 world tour. Tickets for her January show in Köln just went on sale.

Not Secured Loose Ends held a livestream of their first band set giving most of us our first glimpse of the vintage Yukueshirezutsurezure tracks with their new, English language lyrics. This archive is only available for a few more days so, watch while you can.

CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL accidentally foretold the future with their latest MV.

Early front runner for Best Reboot of 2024, LADYBABY dropped their debut MV and it’s a nod back to their Nippon Manju roots.

SAZANAMi Λug. gives us a deceptively complex post-punk track. That piano is playing to a entirely different time signature. This is one of the most well-crafted new tunes I have heard in a while.

ATARASHII GAKKO! recorded a spot for Jimmy Kimmel a while back and there was rampant concern that the performance might never air. Worries allayed! US TV debut accomplished!

The new one from Chemical X was originally written as a single for BURST GIRL but it never got recorded. Yossy liked it so much he resurrected it for his current idol project.


I accidentally overlooked this one from EVE last week. I’m bad at this job. Luckily, D4rkWzd brought it to our attention over on the Homicidols Discord server.

An interesting new digital MV from AXELIGHT.

The new Yureru Landscape system dropped their first, exquisite album.


The new album from REBEL REBEL is available everywhere.


Live idols X!DENT sent us a live MV.

Zessei no Imperial Collection dabble in enka and black metal on the same track.

I haven’t mentioned in quite some time just how much I like THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO.

CIRCLE CRUSHER is another of my underrated favorites.

Oshiloss Corner

Hanaemonster and Miyukiangel will leave MEMESHiBA no TAiGUN on CHRiSTMAS.


buGG is getting squashed in April.

KING∞RAGE dismissed Shirai for a litany of offenses including fraternization with fans and leaking inside information about members and the agency. 

Sari Merone is taking a break from performing with 8bitBRAIN while she treats a medical condition. She will only participate in activities like photo shoots and her work as choreographer that do not elevate her heart rate for prolonged periods of time.

waka is graduating from NUANCE

Haruka Hinami will graduate from Tebasaki Sensation in March, at which point the unit will end it’s current system. They plan to relaunch with additional members. 

City pop unit ROOM 0205 are going on indefinite hiatus less than a year after their debut.

Oshifound Corner

Perhaps our first candidate for Best New Unit 2024: Oiran Dochu debut on December 26th featuring a veteran cast including:

  • Miyako Akatsuki (ex. BURST GIRL, Guso Drop, and HINAGIKU)
  • Yoi Sakuma (ex. Aphrodite and pi+cot)
  • Chikage Hiirage (ex. ONE KILL and ReXlus)
  • Mignon Chunli (ex. Junjou no Afilia)

Have a good weekend!