Your Homicidols Weekender #362

I am compiling the Weekender from a hotel room in Orange County on a glitchy blue tooth keyboard so be  prepared for more typos that usual. I’m here for NEO JAPONISM’s appearance this weekend at the OC Japan Fair. I will be sticking around for their LA appearances later this week before following the group to Vegas where they have just announced a new show in additional to their tour final.

In the coming week, I’m especially looking forward to the Viper Room show.   It will be my only chance to catch a gig at the iconic venue before it gets demolished later this year. This Halloween also marks 30 years since River Phoenix tragically passed away on the sidewalk outside that notorious venue, so I will be here to mark that milestone as well.

In more uplifting new, BiS produced this MV in collaboration with Hyper Kids Africa, an acrobatic dance troupe made up of kids from Ugandan orphanages. 

PIGGS released their first major label album.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that “MAYA” was the highlight of the BABYMETAL live I attended. KOBAMETAL decided  share it with those who couldn’t make thes show.

BELLRING Girls Heart release their first single in seven years.

PLANCK STARS is trying to climb back into the top ten Google search results for our site. Random Homicidols trivia: the idol unit Google search that led more people to our site than any other for the month of September was Ikigusare for some odd reason.

GoodDay released a songs I will be talking up come “Best of the Year” season.


Here is a powerful new ballad from BLACKNAZARENE.

The new song from GANG PARADE starts out like a ballad, an has a title of a ballad (“Tears in the wind, thoughts in songs”) but gets upbeat fast.

The incomparable RAY give us a new PV.

AiNA THE END released her new single which is also the ending theme to The Apothecary Diaries.

FAREWELL, MY L.u.v drops a classic with their latest system.

We gotta keep up with REBEL REBEL.

The underrated CYCLONISTA released two new songs.



Oshiloss Corner

By the time you read this, Kakizaki Risaki will have graduated from Zessei no Imperial Collection.

Owl has graduated from Owaranaide, yoru.

Annoiz announced a dramatic implosion that was much discussed on the Homicidols Discord server. The unit will go on indefinite hiatus in November.

HINAGIKU. has disbanded.

Yumeko Mizuki (ex. BYOB, Moso Calibration, and Kirapojo) has passed away after an extended battle with an illness.

Oshifound Corner

Nui (formerly know as Nuniki of innes) has joined Zessei no Imperial Collection as a support member.

Have a Good Weekend!