Your Homicidols Weekender #361

Big news dropped this week: our friends at Chaotic Harmony announced that Broken By the Scream will be returning to the US in early January at Animé Los Angeles. What better way to ring in 2024 thank with some metalcore idols?

Meanwhile, in present day America, we have idols on both coasts. Isiliel has returned for the final leg of her Moonbow Rising world tour. First off is an appearance today at Northwest Idol Fest. 

(On a side note, we are finishing up the editing of part two of our interview with Himari, so look for that to drop on Monday.)

On the opposite coast, NEO JAPONISM is tearing up New York and the surrounding area as evidenced by this street performance in Times Square. They have an appearance today in Queens and then they move on to Pennsylvania and Puchi Con on Sunday.  Keep up with their tour details here: NEO JAPONISM American Tour -TOUSHINRANBU-

For the US and the rest of the planet, RAY’s new album is out. RAY’S NEW ALBUM IS OUT!!!!!!


The song isn’t new, but the MV is and CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL are one of the best things going right now so, click.

More tears in this one: everyone’s very emotional about the imminent disbanding of Zsasz. Their final album is out as well.

AiNA THE END  contributes an acoustic version of “Kyrie” to THE FIRST TAKE.

BTW: AiNA THE END shared the same physical space as Hitsujibungaku and how the world didn’t melt from so much talent being in close proximity is baffling scientists across the globe.

Here’s ATARASHII GAKKO! terrorizing the city, or saving the city, or both at the same time. We don’t know or care, as long as it’s ATARASHII GAKKO!

Shihatsu-Machi Underground got all dressed up for their sparkly new single.


14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San learns some essential Kung Fu moves in this instructional video.

AIBECK rock. It is all they know how to do.

Ringwanderung released their new single, “Summer of Downfall,” which, despite the title, is surprisingly upbeat.


MAD MEDICINE takes it to the big top and it is “sick” in all the right meanings of the word.

We are pre-emptively awarding this NANTYARA IDOL collaboration with Jacky Ohtaka the award for “Best Song Title of 2023.” I can’t imagine anyone will top this.


BLACKNAZARENE drop an MV for their classic (and, possibly, best) tune, “official fake.”

Tebasaki Sensation continue to build the case that the best idol units come from Nagaoya.

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, ziensa introduced us to this a lo-fi entry from Snacc, a unit launched earlier this year from former members of ONE BY ONE

Finally, let’s chill for bit with Amaoto to Applause.

Oshiloss Corner

Yumegiwa last girl ended their current system. They plan to reboot next year.

Saki Shirozakura will graduate from -odoro- at the end of December.

B.K.S.N will disband on Halloween.

BLACK RAZE is disbanding in mid-November.

Oshifound Corner

You may need to go sit down after this one: Heppokoz, the side project of Ayano Yanagisawa (CLOCK & BOTAN, Gu-Gu LULU, BELLRING Girls Heart) and Anna Fujishiro (CY8ER, BELLRING Girls Heart, ICE CREAM SUICIDE) is rebooting with Younapi (Gekijouban Gokiken Teikoku, You’ll Melt More!).

The newest member announced for Not Secured, Loose Ends is Ouhi Yuziriha who is also the leader of TOKYO Tefutefu.

Oyasumi Hologram gave us a preview of their new system which seems to be more of a band project.

Shoko Murase (ex. ONE KILL) has joined LOVE Re:MIND.

Former idol N・FENI (ex. MIGMA SHELTER and BELLRING Girls Heart) continues her twisted experiments in dream pop.

Another of our favorite former idols, ano (ex. You’ll Melt More!) went claymation in her latest MV.

Have a Good Weekend!!