Your Homicidols Weekender #360

NEO JAPONISM made their US debut last night in New York City kicking off their    American tour, TOUSHINRANBU. First hand accounts delivered on the Homicidols Discord server confirm: “It was the best.” 

NEO JAPONISM also just added a show this weekend. They will now be appearing at the Japanese International Food Festival this Sunday afternoon in New Jersey. Food + Idols is all anyone really needs.

On the opposite site of the US, I managed to catch BABYMETAL for the fourteenth time earlier this week when they dropped by Phoenix on the BABYKLOK tour.  It was my first time seeing them since the Forum show in LA almost exactly four years ago.  I was especially impressed by “BxMxC” which I saw live for the first time. I was really looking forward to experiencing “Monochrome”, which is my favorite song off the new album, but it was their performance of “Maya” that really blew me away.  While I am no longer a rabid kitsune, the Fox God’s chosen trio still definitely puts on one of the best live shows on the planet.

SHIMMER SHRIMPMER throw a party in their latest MV which is appropriate since any time they release a new single is cause for celebration. It’s a beautiful song, it’s a delightful MV, and it’s subtitled in English so click play right now.

JIEMEI released this MV to support their new album, LUNA4, which I’ve had on repeat all week.

From JIEMEI to REIRIE: one of the most buzzworthy new units of the year give us a PV so we can see what all the fuss is about.

In a possible candidate for Collaboration of the Year, Satanic Punish and Dear Devil have combined demonic forces to produce Devil Margin vol.2.


BLACKNAZARENE released a live MV for one of the best songs off of their latest album, Decision. I do like the emo ballads.

SAZANAMi Λug. are building an incredible diverse catalog including this new shoegaze entry.

In their new single, airattic dabbles in the swing/lounge influence that’s been creeping into a lot songs over the past year or so.

Amaoto to Applause make music that will make you happy even on a rainy day. Nice!

We have a new MV from CENT that goes for a retro look with an aspect ratio than never existed before. Not to take away from the song, but it’s just visually odd.

WACK label mates, ExWHYZ dropped a new release in the run up to their visit to the UK next month.

METAMUSE get catty.

Back to the PVs with this one from buGG.

This isn’t a new MV, bit it is newly posted to CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL’s official YouTube channel in 4K, so let’s give it some views!

Wonder Lander released self-covers of a pair of their songs on Bandcamp.

Oshiloss Corner

Himeha Sena will be taking a break from BELLRING Girls Heart to focus on her studies.

Namo Senrigan will graduate from HUSH HUSH this Sunday.

SiLENT NOiSE has decided to disband at the end of December. 

Oshifound Corner

CHEMICAL X has rebooted. Mayu and Ram are continuing from the previous system with Lia (ex. stick with me) and Lulu who is brand new to idol.

And it’s not idol, but some of you will be excited to know that SILENT SIREN is coming out of hiatus.

Have a Good Weekend!!