Your Homicidols Weekender #359

If you are planning to attend the WACK in the UK showcase next moth, I hope you were dialed in to Twitter on Thursday as tickets suddenly went on sale out of nowhere. I was lucky enough to glance at my phone during a ten minute break between meetings and managed to snag a VIP.  Within a few hours, anyone seeking a VIP ticket was placed on a waiting list, so more may become available. Here’s the link: THE UNDERWORLD – WACK in the UK Tickets


GOOD LUCK!! I’ll see you in Camden.

Meanwhile, I’m loving all the new PIGGS tracks.

Though it’s not out anywhere else yet, you can listen to the entire new album from RAY on YouTube. It is all you need.

Minna no Kodomochan dropped the first of several bittersweet releases. Despite the decision to disband, they promised to release re-recorded tracks if they met their last crowdfunding target. The first is a pick by Cinnamon, “Shuojo A”, including an English language version.


Ehime prefecture has a long history of turning out stellar idol units (eg. FRUITPOCHETTE, Hime Kyun Fruit Can). The latest in that prestigious is WELIT

MAD JAIME is cranking out nothing but killer tunes lately.


If you caught PassCode on their US tour and find that you miss them terribly, here’s a little something to help.

Here’s a lyric video for “Planet Girl” from our girl, nanayu.

Tokyo Psychopath released an EP with nothing but crazy good tracks.


BLACKNAZARENE put out a really good album earlier this year that we haven’t talked about enough. Here’s a PV from that effort.

PLANCK STARS are still out of jail somehow.

God bless Devil ANTHEM.

JIEMEI are only about 18 months old but are already one of the best rock-idol units out there. Exhibit A:

Izayoi Polaris, the unit produced by Yurane (ex. JILLASTED and Jyujyu) have a chill new single and MV out.

Here’s an hour long interview with Isiliel.

And here’s -caeca- nailing one of their classics live.

Oshiloss Corner

With the departure of Nana ShuuriDOGMACLUB (formerly Buddha TOKYO) will be going on hiatus (again) on November 2nd.


Suzu Ogawa graduates from situasion on December 1.


SiLENT←NOiSE left Meru Kurosu go after she went absent without leave.


Moyuru Kurumi will be voluntarily leaving PLEVAIL with no graduation live.


The imminently delightful Bupple will be disbanding at the end of the year and the world will be a slightly darker place.


Oshifound Corner

Rino Suima (formerly Sui of Nue and HEROINES) has joined Kawaii tte iwanai to norou (translation: “I’ll curse you if you don’t call me cute”).


The Pomeranian of Despair reboot is a go.


Have a Good Weekend!