Your Homicidols Weekender #358

I really did want to put together a post this week about what’s going on at Codomomental with KAQRIYOTERROR and the Not Secured, Loose Ends reboot but, I’ll be honest: at this point I’m as confused as every one else. As soon as I develop some lucid insight into the situation, I will be sure to articulate it to everyone. 

In the meantime, one thing did become crystal clear this week: the details of NEO JAPONISM’s debut US tour:


I am making plans to be at the Los Angeles and Las Vegas dates and hope to see some of you there.

Speaking of idols abroad: both Isiliel and CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL have been performing in Thailand this past week. You can also catch a stream of Isiliel live from Thailand next weekend.


RAY got dark and brooding in their latest release, and could we love them more? No, we could not.

Yurapico is the best ever.

Quubi dropped an MV to support their stellar new EP, solid.

One of the most highly anticipated releases of the year: the globe trotting CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL dropped their latest EP.


INUWASI have a new EP out too as well as a couple new PVs.

cana÷biss has released their final album in the lead up to their March 2024 disbandment.


Planet after the rain are a hidden gem. 

We have Bob is Random to thank for sharing this one on the  Homicidols Discord server: Meet Neko no Me ni Uchuu also known as The Universe in a cat’s eyes. They describe themselves as a “music-oriented dark idols” so you should have pressed play already. 

The rebooted FAREWELL, MY L.u.v has already released a new single.


We haven’t heard from our favorite swing, lounge idol band in a while.  Pour a martini and enjoy the latest from C;ON.

CIRCLE CRUSHER appreciation party right here:

How could you not love a unit called Panic Monster !n Wonderland? Thanks to Fredo over on the Homicidols Discord server for bringing this one to our attention.

Another discovery by Fredo that’s a few months old but definitely worth mentioning: it’s my first encounter with kagari- , a two-person unit that debuted last year whose members are apparently a nurse and novelist. I definitely need more information.

TONAi BOUSHO, official rivals of  MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN,  drop this shiny gaunlet.

Oshiloss Corner

Mi-NE was booted from AKIRA KURO for breaking the rules.


Just after telling you to check out Planet after the rain, I regret to inform you that Himari Nanase in leaving the group .


While just touched on the topic of TONAi BOUSHO, Kino is leaving taking the group down to a single active member.


Sakiko will be leaving Machida Girls Choir due to poor health.


Oshifound Corner

Another new member of Not Secured, Loose Ends has been announced:  Yuchiomi Higaminari (formerly known as Minto Araragi of Hikicomoteikoku).


LAKE, formerly of Crossnoesis, has joined  new unit called selfish under the name Rei Shimizu.


Have a Good Weekend!!