Your Homicidols Weekender #357

It was one of the more disorienting weeks in recent memory, at least in terms of chika idol news. We had KAQRIYOTERROR rebooting with 18 members and then Not Secured Loose Ends re-emerging with one (and maybe a backing band if the speculation on the Homicidols Discord server proves correct).  Fans of MIGMA SHELTER (which is just about everyone around these parts) were stunned by the surprise graduation announcement of their last remaining original member, but the most ground shaking news by far was word that WACK, after all these years, is finally coming overseas:

ASP, ExWHYZ, and AiNA THE END will all be hitting London this November.


So, yes, you will be able to go see AiNA THE END play a 500 capacity venue in London in two months time.

Let that sink in while we run through the rest of this week’s happenings:

nonayu (the idol formerly know as Nonamera) gives us the first MV from latest her solo project.

It’s great seeing PIGGS return to form. Good stuff.

For those of you who like to experience your avant garde, post punk, noise idol as it was meant to be heard, you can pre-order STRANGE L∞P on cassette from our friends at Gerpfast.


Here’s PLANCK STARS pretending they don’t strip their fans naked and spank them on stage.

CYNHN is another one of those units that is just way to classy for this site. I feel really bad putting them next to Plasta.

While we’re being classy, this is a perfect time to remind everyone  how fantastic Title Mitei is. Support your dream pop idols!! Without the dream, it’s just pop, and pop is crap.

Our favorite DIY punks, HUSH HUSH, put out a summer beach MV just in time for autumn.

Your former RILISREVERSE oshis have released a second lyric video with their new project, Tonalia.

It is always nice to hear form BLUEGOATS.

If you like the emo in your rock, AKIARIM has got you covered.

Meanwhile, this one from Kaishin no Ichigeki will make you happy and hungry.

The OTHER playful pop punk idol unit from Hiroshima, CIRCLE CRUSHER, are going overseas as well, performing in Taiwan in October.

EMPATHY put on a great show.

Oshiloss Corner

Mimimiyu, the last original member of  MIGMA SHELTER, announced that she will graduate from on November 22 at a final rave called, “What will happen from now on, Mi-chan?” She says her future may not include any work in the public eye.


Our favorite dinosaur-themed unit, Dinosaur, is heading for extinction at the end of October. The members will continue working for the agency in other projects.


Riho Horii is graduating from Hime Kyun Fruit Can.


Oshifound Corner

Not Secured Loose Ends (aka the official English name of Yukueshirezutsurezure) got the entire Homicidols Discord server in a tizzy with an announcement of the imminent unveiling of “members.” In the end, it was a single member who we all know and revere: Mei Yui Mei (ex. Yukueshirezutsurezure, Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. and 969).

Confusion was par for the course from Codomomental this week as KAQRIYOTERROR, whose new motto is, “a playground for everyone,” rebooted with, well, everyone. we think this may be all of the idols currently signed to the company.


Although she’s not coming to London, here’s a PV from CENT CHiHiRO CHiTTiii‘s (ex. BiSH) first solo one-man. I didn’t know she could play guitar!

Have a Good Weekend!!