Your Homicidols Weekender #356

This was a weird week. I just felt out of sorts all week long which I think was primarily due to the realization that I have no plans on the horizon to see any future idol shows. After spending Labor Day weekend with Tokyo Psychopath at Saboten Con (check out our interview with them if you haven’t already done so), I have entered into a phase of post-idol depression that can probably only be alleviated by making arrangements to go see more idols. So, let’s see our upcoming travel options and try to sketch out some plans!!

How about a visit to Italy? Monster of Dolls dropped details on their 2023 headliner and it’s a doozy: You’ll Melt More! will be making their European debut at MoD in December.


Isiliel is returning to the US next month to perform at NW Idol Fest in Seattle as her Moonbow Rising world tour rolls on!


NEO JAPONISM held a livestream rally and practiced their English in preparation for their upcoming visit to America next month.  Details are still a bit thin except for locations and a range of dates.

And, of course, the goal is always to get back to Japan where stuff like this is happening.

MAD JAMIE continues to be one of the brightest things of 2023.

airattic as well continue to put out one stellar piece of work after another.

Everyone loves kinopo. I mean, seriously. I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t like kinopo.

Yurapico is everything.

MAZE meld idolcore, dubstep, and noise together for their 5th single.


MANACLE released a new song for their third anniversary. It’s been THREE YEARS??!

Ringwanderung is too classy for this site.

Luckily, we have TENRIN to dirty things up a bit.

Yubiningyou have lost their minds and I love it.

Quubi did a guerilla release of a track from their upcoming EP. As always, it is quality stuff.


mistress released this MV for what may be the most upbeat idolcore tune in history.

Here’s a PV for the latest single for LEIWAN.

LEIWAN’s sister unit, EMPATHY, dropped  a PV as well.

Oshiloss Corner

Risaki Kakizaki will graduate as a support member of Zessei no Imperial Collection.


Hinagiku. will disband following their second anniversary live next month.


Nidaime Fukanshou Hebi Ichigo has dismissed Rena Shinimori  after learning of multiple contract violations over an extended period of time.


Mari Nanase announced their withdrawal from Merkmal Mermal after being on hiatus to recover from a chronic illness. In their departing statement, they revealed that their illness is manic depression, and that they have decided that focusing on long-term treatment is the best choice for them right now.


Oshifound Corner

After being perma-banned from Twitter and abandoning Insta, 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San has emerged on Threads.


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The idol formerly know as Neo Trees (ex. BiS) is now performing under the name of Lan.


Emma Ichimiya is returning from hiatus and rejoining the line-up of LYSM.


Aina the End did a collaboration with legendary guitarist HOTEI.

Have a Good Weekend!