Your Homicidols Weekender #355

I’m back at the controls of the Weekender after a brief vacation. A big, “Thank you!” to Papermaiden for taking the reins so I could enjoy Saboten Con with Tokyo Psychopath last weekend (look for our interview with the group to drop soon). I can tell you from first-hand experience that their American debut was a ton of fun and a big success.  It was an awesome weekend and I hope they come back soon.

Idols weren’t just on the ground in Phoenix: they were all over the place this week.  BPM15Q were at San Japan in Texas.

PassCode was in Texas as well before hitting both coasts, successfully completing their first US tour.

Rutakama is tooling around Europe with Erisu.

Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. is also thinking about us overseas. They have released information for fans abroad who want support their crowdfunding.

There may be strength in numbers, but MAD JAMIE has spent 2023 proving that going solo can somehow be even more powerful.

PLANCK STARS dabble in noise via this collab with SPARK!!SOUND!!SHOW!!

ExWHYZ move to the suburbs, commit a murder, and aliens are somehow involved.

HUSH HUSH have been around for just over a year, so it’s about time they dropped  a “Best Of” album.


RAY is live and awesome.

Beni’s new song is written by FEWW (ex. YUP YUP). That’s two of the best talents in the game teaming up.

Speaking of powerful collabs, MIC RAW RUGA just dropped their version of FAREWELL MY L.u.v’s “STELLA.”

AKIRA KURØ blow the doors off with their latest. 

-odoro- are still putting out great music.

CYCLONISTA don’t drop new songs very often, but they make it count when they do. 

Oshiloss Corner

Runo Asahina is graduating from SAKA SAMA on October 7th.

Moe Moe Destruction goes “Boom!” All members will graduate on September 18th and the unit will suspend activities.

The first generation of Chemical X held their last live.

MiRichan has left Super Macaroni Salad after a conflict with management about travel expenses.

Yuragi Himeri, who has been on hiatus, is officially leaving DOGMACLUB.

Rin Nagisa will graduate from Pomeranian of Despair while Misuu Hoshino will suspend activities due to being overloaded with school.

IDOLATER will be disbanding after next month’s one-man live.

Oshifound Corner

FAREWELL MY L.u.v is rebooting with former founding member Minami Yamazoe (ex. IRONBUNNY, Amar, Twinkle and Gem☆Star).

Momoko Gumi Company (ex. BiSH) released a new song.

Have a Good Weekend!!