Your Homicidols Weekender #354

It’s been another busy week in Idol, but it’s about to get busier!

This weekender is, once again, put together by trustee procrastinator Papermaiden, because our overlord Daemon is busy doing what he should do, having fun with Tokyo Psychopath this weekend! On that note, if you are at Saboten Con, come meet us (him)! He is giving the Killer Side of Idol panel on Saturday, September 2 at 11:30.
A rare chance to discuss idols in person!

US idol fans won’t be resting anytime soon, as Passcode lands stateside right after Saboten Con wraps up. Asia Pacific Art has conducted an interview with them!

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da. has finally released details about the Blu-ray for their Budokan show. As it is being crowdfunded, only a limited number of them will be produced, it seems. Thankfully, by the time of writing this, they already reached their goal and thus, it will see the light of day!

If you’d like to back it, but don’t live in Japan, I put together a short and sweet guide here:

And, as the latest update to this ongoing saga, Megumi has tweeted in English that she’d like to make sure oversea fans can also somehow back the project despite not being able to input anything other than a Japanese address on Campfire, the crowdfunding site. So if proxies aren’t your thing or if you’d like to wait for official information from Codomomental, something is coming!

Here’s some more new NARLOW to sink your teeth into! 

 The new Cinder-ella MV is giving Koyaanisqatsi vibes in the best way possible, both visually and musically.

Ok, so CYNHN is not labelling themselves as idols but, come on, listen to that absolute banger.

 Have a fun and pop sleepover with GANG PARADE. They are absolutely dressed like Groovy Girls dolls in this MV and it’s a perk, if you ask me.

All three of you survivors from the great Rilisreverse exodus now have something to keep you alive; the much poppier Tonalia!


Satanic Punish is giving us lyrics videos in honor of their upcoming Europe tour


Although we just entered September Hachigatsu-chan isn’t far, here’s TOROi with a fun end of the summer anthem


I hadn’t heard of αtale (pronounced Alpha Tale) before, but  thanks to discord user Bobisrandom, I’ll keep an eye on them!


THE+BETH providing us with an MV for their ballad Kibō (Somewhere).


Gangdemic is shaking their hips and it’s contagious


It sure feels like Antithese is pulling a BiS iDOL maid MV with this latest offering!


Music-wise, there are also some exciting news! RAY is coming out with a third album

Oshiloss corner

Unfortunately, YUP YUP is going NOPE NOPE (thank you BobisRandom for this low-hanging yet amazing joke)

Kagura and Ayame will be quitting Broken By The Scream around mid-november

Misa from Odoro is going on an indefinite hiatus

Oshifound corner

Mellowlife has two new members, and you can see them in action in their new stylish MV.


In case you were looking for Pikarin , she has recently joined a band called KILLT MELT LAND

Have a nice weekend!