Your Homicidols Weekender #352

Daemon is traveling this week, so as to not break the impressive streak of 352 consecutive weekends, I’m in charge of the weekender this week! It’s been a rocky week, so click through for some happy news, less happy ones and, as always, good music

As it turns out, ATARASHII GAKKO! are doing a North American + Asia tour starting in November. Tickets are already on sale by the time this post goes up!


Would you like a new Atarashii Gakko! MV in order to go with their international tour? Here you go!

If you are on the old continent and would like some of that sweet, sweet idol show action in the flesh, perhaps consider Monster of Dolls’ Rukatama and Erisu tour.

And in order to close out the live shows news, consider that Chaotic Harmony are releasing the VIP ticket for Tokyo Psychopath‘s performance at Saboten Con in September.

Now that the news that involve going outside are out of the way, please enjoy the new Shimmer Shrimpmer, which feel like a nostalgic warm rainy day spent at home.

Ac!u Gromov delivered a new lyric live video for their song Ittengo (1.5) and I, for one, could not be more pleased. Their first album is also absolutely great!

Carrythezero has put ODD CIPHERØ on our radar. This EDM unit (that sounds very Kpop) has about half of its members come from Kabukimono dogs’  Kabukitai, their trainee program. They are, however, not under Kabukimono dogs, and instead are a new group by the company Rabbit Tear. What caught my attention was definitely their elaborate concept, since they are spy themed! It seems that elaborate concept is what Rabbit Tear does best. Their outfits are also excellent. Anyway, have a MV!

Considering how many of Tear Rabbit’s artists were previously part of Kabukitai, I’m under the impression that they have close ties to Kabukimono Dogs. This dance cover by fellow tear Rabbit group Yamikumo might be closer musically to what you’ve come to expect from Homicidols:

Bobisrandom has brought to our attention that DAIDAIDAI‘s latest (and likely last) release is now available on streaming services.

Oshiloss Corner

If you are a twitter dweller, you might have noticed a lot of messages at the beginning of the week mentioning the quintessential Aqbi supporter and international Brazil (Migma Shelter) fan Myrna. She passed away at the beginning of the week. While a eulogy would be inappropriate as she wasn’t a fan of this website, she was too important for many members of Team to not mention. She was funny and loved idols in the purest sense and she was just all-around great. Idol Twitter is definitely much colder now that she isn’t with us anymore. The closing song for the weekender was first posted by Ryo from This Side of Japan and I think it’s the perfect homage. 

In less personal news, D4rkwizard informed us that Bury is entering an indefinite hiatus.

In the previous weekender’s comment section, Wolfy-metal informed us that Pimm’s will also go on indefinite hiatus at the end of 2023.

Yumegiwa last girl will also be ending their current system following their 3rd anniversary one-man live on October 17th, with a reboot expected around January of next year.


Oshifound Corner

Over on Thread, Killermachine (formerly from Chemical X and Wovens) has given us a heartfelt explanation of the additional meaning of her stage name

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Say-chan of Migma Shelter and KAQRIYOTERROR fame, is a guest on Zessei no Imperial Collection‘s new song and will perform at their first oneman live!

Have a Good Weekend!