Your Homicidols Weekender #351

It’s been a rough year to be an alternative idol fan.  Zsasz are just the latest of Homicidols’ favorites to call it quits  one week after we learned of Minna no Kodomochan’s disbandment. The number of Homicidols A-list units who have disbanded or entered a state of indefinite hiatus in 2023 is pretty astounding: BiSH, Zenbu Kimi No Sei Da., SIPP, KAQRIYOTERROR, NELN, RILISREVERSE, DARE MO SHIRAINAI, CROSSNOESIS

And we still have four months of the year to go.

While no one can ever take the place of our departed oshi, idols are like cherry blossoms that bloom brightly yet ever so briefly. We must recognize and accept the transitory nature of all things. While the cherry trees may now appear lifeless and bare, one season follows the next, and the cherry blossoms will bloom vibrantly again.

In that spirit, it is time to begin the process of finding the new, top tier chika idol units to round out the Homicidols stable. Before this year is out, my wish is for all of us to have found a new group that we can ‘t stop listening to, and a new idol that we obsessively post in the Oshi Shrine. All I want for Christmas is a new kami oshi.

The search begins now!

Our first candidate is ASP who have never been known for their subtlety.

If you thought ASP’s entry this week was a bit emo, wait until you hear the latest from GANG PARADE .

Now that WACK’s gone all mellow, we will rely on Queen Marionette to fire things up. 

RAY  released a PV for one of my favorite songs of the year.

SAZANA Mi Λug. are definitely a candidate for a slot in upper ranks.

situasion is again making the case or being the most intriguing unit in chika idol with this 9:00 minute exercise in dream pop.

MIGMA SHELTER have a new maxi single out. Or maybe it’s an EP. Doesn’t matter.

We have a new one from ATARASHII GAKKO!

Here is the only buGG I enjoy seeing in the late, muggy summer months. 

I don’t think I’ve had occasion lately to mention how much I like THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO .

We got some new, live Under Beastie as well!

My Best Friend is down to just two members, but that’s not stopping them.

REBEL REBEL is waiting. What’s taking so long? You look fine. Don’t even think about trying on another outfit!

Over on the Homicidols’ Discord server, we all know BobIsRandom as the #1 REBEL REBEL fan but, this week, he also shared this new one from Short Cut-bu , the self-produced unit for idols with short hair. 

Catchy Me is full of good energy.

Oshiloss Corner

We are loath to mention it again, but Zsasz will be disbanding in November.

While Minna no Kodomochan is disbanding, Cinnamon will be re-recording vocals for three songs to be released in the next few months. Let her know which songs you would like her to re-record.

Yuka Hanyu and Reina Funwari have decided to graduate from JUGS MAFIA . Yuka decided that here was just too large of a gap between the group’s behavior and what she was comfortable with. JUGS MAFIA”.

Oshifound Corner

Kan Nyan and Momoshikiya Furukinokibano Shinobunimo Naoamariaru Mukashinarikeri of PLANCK STARS dropped the first single from their new unit, Not Way Out of the Law.

Emily Arima ( PassCode ) release a new song with her band project, SHADES .

Ayuni D dropped new PEDRO MV.

Have a Good Weekend!


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  1. Oshiloss Corner: the same day Zsasz announced their end, Pimm’s announced an “indefinite hiatus” after 10 freakin’ years :'(

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