Your Homicidols Weekender #350

Welcome to weekender number 350. Hooray!

Every Saturday for 87 months or, to put it another way, 6.75 years, Homicidols has been delivering your weekly digest of alt, indie, and underground idol news and new releases. I was going to do something a bit special to mark the occasion but we have instead entered a period official mourning.  The news just boke yesterday: 

Homicidols favorite, two-time Corenamnet and three-time  Best of the Year award winner,  Minna no Kodomochan will be disbanding:

Idol is ephemeral and, as idol fans, we should be prepared for these kinds of announcements, but this one hits particularly hard. We went through a lot with Honoka and Cinnamon and supported them both, and then just Cinnamon, the entire way. While the group garnered lots of enthusiastic attention from overseas fans like us, it seems that they found it more difficult to attract a base of support domestically. In the end, they were not able to pull in 350 people to sell out the Shinjuku Loft, a goal which team Kodomochan had set as their barometer for whether or not to continue the project.

There will still be a few more releases from Minna no Kodomochan due to their recent crowdfunding efforts, but it will be bittersweet knowing that they will be the group’s last.

Now let’s temporarily exorcise our depression with “Special Happy Idol,” Super Macaroni Salad!

While we definitely mourn the passing of Minna no Kodomochan, we must also remember that there is still much to celebrate in the idol world. In some cases, quite literally: one week from today we can celebrate friend of Homicidols, Derek Vasconi’s Birthday Livestream, and the line -up on this taiban is just monstrous, including:

  • 14th Generation Toilet Hanako San
  • Shihatsu-machi Underground
  • Chicken Blow the Idol
  • Satanic Punish
  • Melancholic Cinderella Story
  • Okinawa Electric Girl Saya
  • Miho

And many, many, many more.

Get your Livestream Ticker here.

DADADAMS is also performing at Derek’s birthday party, which is a nice segue to this in-depth, English-language feature on the group.

And it is TIF weekend. I’m still a little miffed about last year, so I didn’t even bother with the annual guide, but it seems like they are actually allowing people from overseas to buy livestream tickets this year.

Let’s continue the attempts to boost our spirits with some upbeat rock from Payrin’s.

Still feeling down? Here’s a ridiculously upbeat song that you won’t mind being stuck in your head. Thank you Fredo for sharing this with the Homicidols Discord server

WAGAMAMA RAKIA dropped a new digital single, which is always good news.


Chemical X are taking part in the Film Song project where different musicians produce songs to the same video to show how music alone can influence film.

Outrage Music Girls are quickly becoming one of my favorite new units.

The marvelous Wonder Lander has re-recorded and released some of their best tracks.


Here’s THE+BETH with a new one to support their new mini album.

9DayzGlitchClubTokyo has a new album out along with a seizure inducing MV. They released two other MVs this week as well, so you may want to check those out instead if you suffer from photosensitivity.

INUWASI has released two new tracks.

XOXO EXTREME is something special.

Here’s four minutes of chaos from Zessei no Imperial Collection. There’s apparently a new single in there somewhere.

We haven’t heard from husky in about a year. We need to have them over more often.

buGG is always good for some happy pop punk.


Here’s a nice emo tune from one of the best names in idol: Symdolick.

NOW DRAMATiC is keeping that SCRAMBLES sound alive.

Here’s the debut MV for LUCULIA who was introduced to us by BobIsRandom over on the Homicidols Discord server

If you like a side of math rock with your punk, check out the latest from Village in Maier.

Oshiloss Corner

Yurapico has officially graduated from APOKALIPPS (who are on hiatus) one week after announcing her membership in the reboot of Gekijouban Gokiken Teikoku -Shogyou Mujou. Yuri Hirano will be leaving APOKALIPPS as well.

Sato Lala (formerly know as Sugar Sugar Lala) is leaving O’CHAWNZ. The group will be going on hiatus and begin recruiting new members. 

tip Toe. will be ending activities of it’s second term in June 2024 with no plans for a third generation. 

chuuum is going on hiatus while they restructure. In the meantime Amo is suspended for health issues and kaypi is withdrawing to concentrate on solo activates.

Mashiro Shionagi has been dismissed from munen.

Kamikaze Sensation has announced that they will disband this coming February.

Oshifound Corner

Nao Of Nao from MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN released her debut solo single as a reward for wining the “Must Change Project”.

Have a Good Weekend!