Your Homicidols Weekender #349

It’s the weekend! And I’m very tired, so I’m not going to do much for a preamble. I’m sure you’re here for the idol news anyway, so here goes:

MAD JAMIE made their international debut at NärCon in Sweden.

Yandoll was suddenly everywhere. First they dropped their first single and MV in a year.  Then they dropped some less welcome news (see the Oshiloss Corner).

NEO JAPONISM released a nice new emo tune complete with tear-jerking MV.

TOKYO Tefutefu release a much more upbeat tune also set on the roof of a high school. Interestingly, friends who grew up in Japan tell me that the most unrealistic thing about how high school is depicted in Japanese drama, anime and other media is that students are never, under any circumstances, ever be allowed access to the roof of a high school.

Broken By the Scream released thier new mini album.


Shihatsu-machi Underground channel some swinging rockabilly in their latest which deserves some mentions come Best of the Year season.


If you are sick of uninterrupted, restful sleep, new unit MOZU have some nightmare fuel for you.

Tokyo Yuui Galaxy (formerly known as SIP) dropped my favorite new song of the week. The also released two MVs for it. Below is the dance version, but they also released a more dramatic, narrative MV (featuring much less of the unit) in collaboration with film director Yuugo Sakamoto.

Antithese continue their rebellion with the released of their second EP.


C.LiTZ, our favorite South Korean cat lovers, have a new single out.


NARLOW continues their campaign to convince you that they are the best new unit of 2023.

MAPA is doubling down on their entries for Song of the Summer.  I thought they had wrapped up their nomination a couple weeks ago with “Lovepi.”

A little late, but MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN submit their Song of the Summer consideration.

BLACK NAZARENE have a late entry of their own.


α:tale has been around for about a year, but they just came to our attention thanks to local villagers over on the Homicidols Discord server.

Ac!u Gromov drop their first, full album.


We haven’t heard from Hachimitsu BLACK in a bit.

PLEVAIL continues their trend of giving us new PV each week.

Oshiloss Corner

SORB3T have disbanded because people fxxking suck.

As we alluded to above, Ringo Mitsugi is withdrawing from Yandoll just as they fired up activities again.

Komari Yuu left KAQRIYOTERROR which was confusing because we already thought the unit was inactive.

Yumegiwa Sara missed a show on July 18th due to illness and then went AWOL. She is now officially no longer a member of Yumegiwa last girl.

Ten and Nyanya will be on hiatus from MoeMoe Destruction for about a month due to poor health.The group will perform as a foursome until they return .

Dinosuar is losing Reina Venator.

Oshifound Corner

GOKIGEN TEIKOKU is back again!! Ichiho Shirahata has pulled the group together again, this time with 100% more Yurapico (ex. BURST GIRL and GUSO DROP) and Kanae Kumada (IZANAGI and ex.Furikake≠Panic). They will join Gokigen veterans Younapi (ex. You’ll melt More!), Haruno Kunogi (ex. NECRONOMIDOL, POMÜM, and Chouzetsu Venom-chan),  Yulianne (ex. XTEEN),  , Kanon Hongo (Youmenosay), Ujo Kanaki (ex. KRD8), and  Chintaku.

PIGGS added two new members, both of whom are veterans of WACK auditions: BIBI was know as Tamachino in WACK AUDITION CAMP 2023, and SU-RING participated in 2022’s MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN Nari no Gasshuku competition as Suzuno.

Anna Fujishiro (ex . CY8ER) got married and had a baby.

Have a Good Weekend!!