Your Homicidols Weekender #348

This week was a bit of a blur, but here’s what I remember: Earlier this week we dropped the first ten videos in our countdown of the 50 best alt-idol MVs as selected by the Homicidols community. Check it out if haven’t already and watch for the next entry in the series to post in the next few days.

Tickets went on sale for PassCode’s US debut tour dates. I snagged tickets for LA even though I am not sure if I will be able to get the time off work.

Isiliel began the UK leg of her world tour at HYPER JAPAN.

PIGGS are back in proto-punk form since, perhaps, the first time since they went major label. More of this please.

Minna no Kodomochan has released a new digital single.

NARLOW make the case that they are the most exciting new unit of 2023. Exhibit No.7. 

situasion go ultra chill in their latest.

The new, coed lyrical school has got some groove and an edge.

PPPR!! continues releasing a new song every week in July.

I’m telling you, #2i2 is really good (and, in case you were wondering, their name is pronounced “nini”).

Room 0205, who fuse city pop and hip hop, have released their second MV to support their debut single which is being released as a 7″ on vinyl.

Tokyo Moso Map are one of my favorite idol projects. Their motto is, “Sing and the city will be happy,” and perform songs about various features of Tokyo like the bridges of the Sumida River and the Minami-Kanto Expressway. Their latest is a disco tribute to the construction of tunnels.

-odoro- extends their streak of excellent 2023 releases.


From Vietnam, it’s a new one from POLARIS☆.

Youbeingyou goes Latin swing for their latest. Am I the only one who hears them channeling Doris Day?

From retro swing, back to hip hop: here’s a MIC RAW RUGA PV.

Let’s continue the genre whiplash with a dream pop solo work by ELLE Lily (one half of Eik). 

Dance. Rock. Night. Three of my favorite things in one song from PLEVAIL.

NANONI made this song to help you get up in the morning.

We don’t usually go this yume kawaii around here, but their name is Panic Monster !n Wonderland, and they’re just adorable. Blame Fredo who uploaded this addictive monstrosity to the Homicidols Discord server.

Fredo made up for it by also posting this new one from Kyoto’s Miyako no Kuni no Alice called “MENHERA FXXK Tea Party.”

Oshiloss Corner

Yumegiwa Sara  of Yumegiwa last girl missed a show on July 18th due to illness and has not been heard from since.

Oshifound Corner

Runon (ex. RILISREVERSE) and Kasen (ex. RILISREVERSE and NECRONOMIDOL) have joined the new unit, tonalia.

The idol formerly known as RÄI_Lie of BUDDHA Tokyo is now Raize Kasumi of SAZANAMi Λug.

Speaking of BUDDHA Tokyo, if you are wondering where all their music went to on streaming services, you can now find their catalog under the name of the rebooted unit, DOGMACLUB.

Natori (ex. Doll Insert Deathmask) joined the new unit, END OF MISERY.

iiyu (a band project of former Hime Kyun Fruit Can members Mayuri and Sakurako) wrote this song for Sakurako’s sister’s wedding.

Have a good weekend!!