Your Homicidols Weekender #347

Just a heads up that we have finished crunching the numbers on everyone’s rating for the 50 Greatest MVs of All Time project. Look for those results to start spilling out next week as long as I survive the heat dome currently parked directly over Casa de Homicidols. I can’t complain about the heat too much though because, while it may be hotter than hades out here in the Southwestern United States, that didn’t stop Himari Tsukishiro from performing an Isiliel livestream from Death Valley. At least she had the wisdom to wait until the sun went down.

She then dropped a brand new MV on us. Play along at home:


As Himari continues the US leg of her world tour, another Homicidols favorite finally announced their imminent US debut: PassCode will be hitting New York, Dallas, and LA in September!!

The also gave us a new MV to help get us even more psyched.

Meanwhile, Saki Chitose and Yurapico have landed in Germany for performances today and tomorrow.

Saki dropped a 2& MV to support the visit.

For those of us who aren’t anywhere near a idol live this weekend, we have Gyuno Fest, who will be livestreaming for free on their YouTube channel. Acts include MELONBATAKE A GO GO, MIGMA SHELTER, BELLRING Girls Heart, kinopo., TipToe., and Finger Runs.

There are few other groups in the history of the live idol genre as extraordinary as RAY.  Witness the raw power and artistry of chika idol:

Zsasz released a new song called, “It’s So Good,” and the headline writes itself.

MAPA drop a late front runner for Song of the Summer.

Broken By the Scream have some nice new outfits but still bring the hardcore.

Finger Runs may need an intervention after this MV shoot.

We sure do love us some MIC RAW RUGA. This is such good stuff:

BiS give us a dance MV for one of their new ridiculously named songs which are a serious pain to extrapolate into romaji or English, a practice I truly hope doesn’t become a trend.

Vocal project ZnC:WL put out yet another great song.

MIGMA SHELTER make several appearance on our forthcoming Best Idol MVs of All Time list. This one of, of course, missed being in the running.

Meet SUPER+REACH, a new pop-punk unit brought to out attention by Carrythezero over on the Homicidols Discord server.

PLEVAIL have really leveled up this year.

Another group who is really blooming in 2023 is yosugala. I’ve been streaming their new album, Yomosugara,  a lot lately. I recommend it if you enjoy some dream pop in your prog rock.

#2i2 dropped a new single. I was lucky enough to catch them when I was in Japan back in January. They were the biggest surprise of the whole trip. 

I never pass up the chance to share BOY MEETS HARU.

Oshiloss Corner

In one of the saddest disbandments of the year, RILISREVERSE officially came to an end yesterday evening. In the end, SHIIKA would like you to remember this one thing: “Denny’s offers the most delicious parfaits among family restaurants nationwide.”

Sakura Bokuga has graduated from Satanic Punish but will continue activities as a soloist and model.

KOTOMI has graduated from BABYBEARD.

Oshifound Corner

King Yuria (ex. Dan te Lion and NOW DRAMATiC) has started her tenure as the Prince of POPPiNG EMO.

Nagima, one of the newest members of MIGMA SHELTER, was a WACK 2023 Audition member under the name Gobu Gobu Gobu.

Marino (ex. Sugarpills and 340.29m/s) has joined a new unit called, 0 Bansen to yoake mae (platform 0 before dawn). 

Have a Good Weekend!!