Your Homicidols Weekender #346

It was a packed week for overseas idol shows and events. I enjoyed several days in LA, seeing old friends and meeting new ones at Anime Expo where the main draw for us was Isiliel.

I was able to catch several of Isiliel’s many lives before sitting down with Himari Tsukishiro  for an interview. Look for that in the coming weeks.

While in LA, a whole horde of us were also able to catch a great show by legendary EDM idols,  BPM15Q.

Across the Atlantic, Junnosuke Watanabe, CEO and WACK’s biggest asset and liability, dropped by the UK for some beers with friends including Team Homicidol’s very own Cal.

(You’re a rat for using that picture of me – Cal)

Over on The Continent, the goddesses of ERISU made an appearance with Homicidols’ patron saint, SARI.

Meanwhile, out in the Pacific, CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL and Himegoto Zettaichi have kicked off a pair of appearances in the Philippines.

In other happenings:

IDOL NEVER DiES, the crowdfunded movie about rival chika idol units battling zombies (and each other) at the end of the world has been subtitled in English and released on DVD.  It’s being sold on BASE, so a proxy may be required for overseas purchases. 

Aina the End kicked off her post-BiSH solo work with this lovely Mobile Suit Gundam insert song.

Zessei no Imperial Collection invited their fans to come out and appear in their MV for “Otaku are the stars of the show.” Based on the fantastically entertaining results, all chika idol MVs should follow a similar formula from now on.

PIGGS new single is called, “You Know Me.”

ASP responds with “I HATE U.”

qppo are a treasure that we don’t deserve.

Axelight have dropped their second album.

ExWHYZ channels some city pop in their Summer ’23 MV.

Devil ANTHEM. got into the season as well with this appropriately titled summer time EP.

Meanwhile, Pure White Canvas are done with summer already.

PPPR!! will be releasing new music throughout the month of July.

Konton Shoujo have dropped their first full album, Chaos Girl.

The big trend this week was PVs: let’s kick it off with Yurapico absolutely killing it live.

REIRIE gave us a peak at their debut live.

yosugala share the feels from their most recent one-man.

Symdolick gives us a peak at their second anniversary live.

QueeenMationette pulls our strings.

This MANACLE MV isn’t technically a PV but we forgive them because they’re MANACLE.

Finger Runs dropped their latest early on streaming.

Back to actual MVs: BLOOD/. represent the best of DIY idol.

I dig Payrin’s, but I feel like I’ve seen the set of this MV several times.

sustain give us an MV to support their latest single.

Oshiloss Corner

GALS current system held their last live and is now on indefinite hiatus.

Rei Momose, who has been on hiatus from CYNHN, announced her graduation from the group effective July 5th.

Hyakkiyakou has withdrawn from Konton Shoujo saying she found it too difficult to balance her idol and personal life.

Very sad: Chou very bird will disband in October.

Uda has left BLOOD/. 

Oshifound Corner

After some initial excitement, it has been determined that Anchirochii is not back. Aqbi just happened to release an MV for them a year after they disbanded.

Ema Suzuki and Hikaru Migata Mugita (Ed. Correction. My bad.) of Pure White Canvas released the first song from their sub unit, MUGIEMA.

Homicdiols’ favorite not-idol, N・Feni ( ex. new fashion food, MIGMA SHELTER and BELLRING Girls Heart) has new music out.

Have a good weekend!!

8 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #346

  1. Thanks for the notification about the “Idol never dies” DVD. I have been looking forward to a release dat for ages.

    Just to let readers know and if anyone knows a way around it, the order form requires a mobile number, so that they can send a id verification text. Unfortunately it didn’t accept/recognise my uk mobile number so I couldn’t place my order 🙁

    • This is an unfortunate issue with trying to order internationally from BASE. It will also halt orders from proxy shippers like TENSO.

      I placed my order via proxy buying service FromJapan and am just waiting for confirmation. I have used them to purchase from BASE before. I am just hoping things don’t sell out before they can buy my stuff.

    • Yes BASE doesn’t allow overseas shipping but also overseas transactions.
      So a forwarding service like TENSO won’t help, but like DAEMON did, a proxy buyer like From Japan, Buyee or CDJapan won’t have issue.

    • You are correct. That’s my typo: MUGIEMA = Hikaru MUGIta + EMA Suzuki.

      It’s fixed now. If I wasn’t the boss, I would definitely be fired.

      • Thanks you two. I seem to remember setting up an account with Buyee many moons ago, so i shall give them a go.
        At least if i don’t get to order it, i can spend the money saved at Hyperjapan In London on 21st July, where i will watch and have a meet and greet with Isiliel. I also have a ticket for her live in London on 23rd. Also i should reign in the spending and I really can’t complain if i miss out on the “Idol never dies” DVD, after having had my trips to Japan in March and June. Best wishes.

        • I buy a lot of stuff from CD Japan, I didn’t realsie they had a proxy service as well, so that is another promisinf option 🙂

  2. Just for completeness and in case it helps anyone, I have placed an order for idol never dies dvd via a proxy shopping site i have used in the past. They are now called “Japan Rabbit”. They used to be “White Rabbit” and have been reliable in the past. They have a sister company called “Blackship” which provides a shipping address in Japan for you, so stuff can be sent there , then forwarded to your overseas address (so is like Tenso).

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