Your Homicidols Weekender #345

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Los Angeles for Anime Expo.  I have been asked to contribute to the “地下アイドル: Underground Idols in Japan” panel at Noon on Monday, July 3rd, so if you happen to be at AX, please drop by room 403 AB and I will see you there.

As much of a draw as Anime Expo happens to be, the primary reason I’m heading to LA is to see Himari Tsukishiro in her incarnation as Isiliel.

The other event drawing me to LA this holiday weekend is the opportunity to spend the 4th of July with BPM15Q, who have also just announced that they will be making an appearance in France at Japan Expo next month.

I still have some packing to do, so forgive me if I miss some stuff this week.  It was pretty packed:

kinopo. released their most Homcidols MV yet.

BiS dropped an MV for their new song, “I-I-A-A-T-I-E-I-C-H-I-S-H-I-I-N-A-A-E-I-C-H-I-K-Y-U-U-K-A-A-E-I-C-H-I-K-E-E-M-U-B-I-I-N-E-E-Z-I-I-U-U-O-M-U” (or, English language title, “E-R-T-H-C-Na-H-Q-ka-H-K-M-B-Ne-Z-Om”). If you’re wandering, “What the hell does that mean?” you aren’t alone. A fan cracked the code: it is “Mou Zenbu Mechakuchinai Shitai” written backwards (which means something like, “Ugh, I just wanna fuck everything up”).

In quite possibly the most unexpected collaboration of the year, BABYMETAL is featured on the new Lil Uzi Vert album on a track produced by KOBAMETAL.


situasion made so much amazing noise last year and have been disconcertingly quiet so far in 2023. It’s good to see them start to make up for that.

The new one from RAY is called, “This is Not a Love Song.” It’s not a cover of the song by Public Image Ltd, but now I really want to see that happen.

One of our favorite debuts of the year, OMG (OUTRAGE MUSIC GIRLS) kick it into overdrive.

Colorpointe are heading to HYPER JAPAN this year and just launched this new MV as well as a crowdfunding campaign to help cover travel costs.

AdFiction dropped two new songs this week.

PLEVAIL are putting out some amazing stuff this year.

This one from TOKYO DEN-NOU SHOJO missed the cut-off for the last edition of the Weekender by minutes.

The latest song from REBEL REBEL barely missed the last Weekender too. Over on the Homicidols’ Discord server, #1 REBEL REBEL fan BobIsRandom made the request that I be sure to include it in this edition. I was going to anyway, but let’s all let him think he owes me a favor now.

Mercuro are really hard to hate.

Staying with the gothic lolita corner of the genre, GILTY x GILTY put out another double-shot of PVs this week.

CIRCLE CRUSHER is the YABACUBE unit to follow if you don’t want your oshi to offer you detergent to drink.

Oshiloss Corner

BiSH is over. Read our retrospective here.

APOKALIPPPS will be suspending activities in July.

Kagura will be on break from Broken By the Scream until further notice due to poor physical condition. 

Penne has graduated from DIABLEVOIX.

King Yuria has graduated from NOW DRAMATiC. Luckily, she will soon join POPPiNG EMO.

Misa Misa has graduated from EMPATHY.

Oshifound Corner

Hug Mii (former founding member of BiSH) appeared at the BiSH final.

Ling Ling (ex. BiSH) has tragically passed away. Luckily, she has been resurrected as MISATO ANDO.

AYUNi D (ex. BiSH) wasted no time in reviving PEDRO and dropping a new album.

Meet Yuru Misaka of MOZU, formerly known Yuru Nekota, Mikoto of RILISREVERSE, Me of HAMIDASYSTEM, and Popo Popo Po Popo Jr. of MIGMA SHELTER.

Ena Matsuda (former Malcolm Mask McLaren and maplez) is in a new unit called Tohkei.

Kiri Watanabe (ex. JILLASTED) has joined Antithese.

swancry (band project of Shida Hikage, ex. Yukueshirezutsurezure)has released a new MV to supper her ne EP which you can now get on Idol Underworld.

Have a Good Weekend!!