Your Homicidols Weekender #340

There’s been a lot of idol-related idiocy on the Internet this week directed at overseas live idols in general, and especially a unit from the US called SORB3T. The California trio made the mistake of trying to bring a little sweetness and positivity into the world, so it was immediately decided that they must be destroyed.  They gist of the virtual vitriol directed their way seems to rest on the idiotic criticism that overseas, Japanese-influenced idols are incorporating Japanese influences into their idoling. Non-Japanese idols may even (gasp) speak in Japanese words which, apparently, must not be allowed. 

This is a nonsensical standard, and to highlight it, I’d like to focus on one of my favorite new idol units, BR!OT (Brat Riot Girls). They are a Japanese idol unit, but they (gasp) only sing in English!

Let creatives create. Embrace positivity. And any indie idol can keep doing whatever the hell they want unless Pour Lui or Boss Rei tells them to stop.

Speaking of embracing positivity, BPM15Q has announced that they are coming to LA for the 4th of July, and will then be at San Japan in San, Antonio, Texas in September.

And it’s short notice, but Chiaki Mayumura is at Naka-Kon today. If you can’t make it to Kansas in time, she will be livestreaming her show.

FRUITPOCHETTE always have the right attitude.

In one of the most exciting collaborations of the year, Yua Uchiyama of Ray has teamed up with RIOT GRRRL Haru Nemuri for this solo single.

Yurapico is always a beacon of sunshine, except in her latest single, “Rain”.

After the rain, comes the shiny, bright APOKALIPPPS (and a second shot of Yurapico).

It’s always nice to see You’ll Melt More! It’s even nicer when they deliver an English translation of lyrics in their MV (or is that not allowed?).

ATARASHII GAKKO! are on top of the world and deserve it.

Chemical X is just getting started.

The new Malcolm Mask McLaren dropped  the new system’s version of MMM’s greatest hits.

One of our favorite overseas idol units, Thailand’s SHIMMER SHRIMPMER have a lovely new song and lyric video (with English subtitles) for us.

Here’s a YABACUBE MV starring EVERYBODY.

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, BobIsRandom found this new unit: Meet 24✴︎emotions whose latest MV makes me feel like it’s 1983 and 2023 at the same time.

MAZE is leading us on a Madness Parade.

REBEL REBEL released a new song this week. Nothing else happened, just this. Put down the newspaper and listen to this song.

The Candace are still triggering 90s flashbacks.

Team favorite, kinopo. has released their second full album.

Oh no! It’s an overseas idol unit singing in Japanese! The Philippines’ Rainbow Signal performs Guso Drop.

Devil ANTHEM. have a new MV and cute new outfits.

Oshiloss Corner

RILISREVERSE will be disbanding on July 15th. As for the members, Shiika and Fuubi will be letting their contracts expire while Kasen and Runon will be joining a new unit produced by es. The two will be joined by anyone who happened to pass the new member auditions held this spring.

Big drama this week from REBEL REBEL. On May 24th, RUA was let go for rules violations including fraternization with fans and leaking company information. The story was so juicy that it even got picked up by Yahoo News and TV Asahi.

B.K.S.N. will suspend activities at the end of June.

Nana Aisu has withdrawn from SiLENT←NOiSE and been dismissed by her agency for fraternization with a fan.

Oshifound Corner

Hachigatsu-chan (ex. Oyasumi Hologram) will be producing and fronting the new unit, TOROi.

Suzuki Runachi (ex. MAD JAMIE, MAD VIOLET, and Kimiiro Project) has joined Caress Van End as a temporary member.

Boss Rei (ex. Guso Drop and BURST GIRL) started a new, all-girl, fancy animal punk band

87 went no contact with HUSH HUSH for a couple of days, but she… looks to be okay now? Maybe. It’s difficult to tell.

Have a Good Weekend!