Your Homicidols Weekender #339

Last weekend, I had a great time in LA seeing the US debut of CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL. It was a great show and they put it all on stage through two performances. Even with kids and obachans in the audience, they performed some of the hardest core stuff. There were also a couple buppan session so there was a chance to get to  know the members a bit. It turns out that Ruko is practically fluent in English so we were able to chat. She told me that she had actually read the Homicidols piece I wrote about them. She didn’t say whether or not she liked it, but she did read it, and that was enough to make my week.

Chikeblo weren’t the only unit traveling overseas this week. THE DEVILS KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND made their international debut in Sweden at Kodachicon.

In future overseas live news, Isiliel announced her tour dates.

For the rest of what happened this week, let’s start with Cinder-ella who, I think, put out the best new song this week. The single officially drops on Monday.

It’s NEO JAPONISM in “Idols vs. Guns.” (Spoiler: Idols win.)

We do not deserve RAY.

MAD JAMIE’s new tunes are hitting streaming services.

ATARASHII GAKKO! had a HUUUGE week! First they went viral on TikTok and even Twice  got in on it with a dance cover of “Otana Blue”. Then Suzuka went viral again after trading glasses with Yama-chan on a TV show. Finally, and of most importance to us, it was revealed that their latest single was composed by WACK’s former house maestro, Kenta Matsukuma

CYCLONISTA are on fire.

This is interesting: Over on the Homicidols Discord server, Ziensa made us aware of this new units called BR!OT which is short for Brat Riot Girls. They have released two songs so far and they are both in English.

I can watch NELN sing in their living room all day.

TOKYO Tefutefu released their 4th single.

This new unit, AFTERS has been teasing us for a few weeks now. They debut next month but I may die of curiosity before then.

I could have sworn BiSH was going to break up at some point but they’re still going and going.

Over on the Homicidols Discord serverCarrythezero shared this discovery: Taiwanese live idol unit, Proof of Existence NO FACE NO REaLiTY.

For another overseas idol entry, here’s a Sweet Zombie song about from Thailand’s 39Party.

meme tokyo. collaborate with vocaloid producer STEAKA for their latest.

Hebiichigo Snake Strawberry always look like bushels of fun.

MAD MED released a lyric MV to support their latest album.

Meet .LiNIXLiNE. who say they are where dots and lines intersect. That’s about all I know about them except that this is a nice tune.

Non¬Fiction released a new album,

Oshiloss Corner

On the treat Super Season is ending their current system in August.

Juri Momogui has been suspended from Saihate no hairaito until their performance improves.

Yukino Aizawa is leaving her support role with Zessei no Imperial Collection.

Oshifound Corner

Meet oshifound supergroup NARLOW consisting of Pan Luna Leafy (ex. BiS, CARRY LOOSE, and HO6LA), Yamashita Umi (ex. PIGGS, HO6LA and PM3:58), Ikeda Nana (ex. LADYBABY), Muro Hanako (ex. BiS), Kawano Nanaho (ex. NMB48),
Noi Rico (ex. Dolly Kiss), and Enshu Ritsu (ex. Kuso no Idea).

Runachi Suzuki (ex. MAD JAMIE) has joined Caress Van End for a limited time.

Have a good weekend!