Your Homicidols Weekender #337

We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo weekend here in the southwestern United States and looking forward to next weekend when CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL visit Los Angeles for their US debut. Meanwhile, all the overseas idol news this week involved Europe.

If you’ve ever had thoughts about spending a summer on the continent, 2023 is the year to do it. Not only is perpetual friend of Homicidols, SARI moving to Sweden soon, but THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND will be making their first overseas appearance at Kodachicon in Sweden in a just couple of weeks.

Germany will be a idol hot-spot this summer as well with Yurapico and 2& dropping by in mid-July.

Satanic Punish is heading to Germany as well as two other European countries yet to be named.

So, grab your Fjallraven Kanken and a Eurail Pass and lets have an idol summer in Europe! Or, we can stay at home in the AC and experience idols vicariously like we do here each weekend.

While we sort out our summer plans:

OMG (Outrage Music Girls) would like to say, “Hello”. They’re a brand new unit featuring former MAD JAMIE members UNI and SAKI and, judging by their first MV,  contenders for Debut of the Year.

Neo rock cluster, THE+BETH are one of the best things out there that we don’t talk about enough.

The SENANAN-produced Re:RIPLIE released their debut MV.

REIRIE, the biggest surprise of 2023, has released their first songs on streaming services.

NiL dropped an MV to support their first mini-album.

NELN gave us this interesting take on the PV.

Tokyo Psychopath, who will be visiting Saboten Con in Phoenix four shorts months from now, released a short ver. MV for their 9th single.

Chiaki Mayumura has released this totally manic “song” about a cat, I think. 

PLANCK STARS put out some new music.

While Plasta gets all the headlines, YABACUBE produces a few other stellar units like my personal favorite, Circle Crusher.

QueenMarionette’s new album has the best album cover ever.


tipToe. dip their toes in dreampop.

Finally released a this MV for everybody who likes rock in their idol.

ShihatsuMachi Underground is releasing a new song every month for the next five months starting with this one:

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, BobIsRandom found this new unit called Brave Mental Orchestra. They’re pretty good.

As payback for saying I have trouble pronouncing “Symdolick“, the unit named their latest single, “Symdolicxxxxx.”

Psyche to Raga forgot they were supposed to be on hiatus.

The Candace continues their weekly trend of triggering a 90s flashback.

It’s our favorite brass-n-sax-n-idol unit, C;ON.

It’s almost summertime, which is Niji no Conquistador season. This one is just for ckiemnstr345 over on the Homicidols Discord server:

REBEL REBEL released a new tune.

Let’s leave a high note with Pure White Canvas.

Oshiloss Corner

Maru Rinna has graduated from HUSH HUSH.

A bit of a shock: chika idol A-Listers, FaM will disband in December.

Management of REBEL REBEL were unable to get in touch with SHINO for a few days.  When they did make contact, she asked to take a little longer before returning due to her mental condition. Management agreed to her request.

SAKA-SAMA is going on hiatus until June

LycorisRadiata will disband on May 19th.

POMÜM is disbanding on May 28th.

Oshifound Corner

Emi (ex. DESURABBITS) has joined  Paradeeq.

Mashiro Naoko (ex. XOXO EXTREME) has joined Merkmal Mermal.

Meet O:N, a new South Korean live idol unit featuring members from LuciDream, NEKIRU and Poupée Land.

Hey, Look! It’s my favorite non-BABYMETAL alumni of Sakura Gakuin, Marina Horiuchi

Have a Good Weekend!