Your Homicidols Weekender #336

Our top story this week is a no brainer as one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year dropped on streaming services worldwide: the debut album from Isiliel, Moonbow Genesis.

Plenty of other stuff happened too, like KAQRIYTERROR breaking our heart and UTERO being reborn. Being an idol fan is an emotional roller coaster every single week. Strap in:

ASP drop that funky beat.

Broken By The Scream invite some friends over for their latest.

GANG PARADE released a new album this week called OUR PARADE and then dropped an MV for , “ENJOY OUR PARADE”. I guess the marketing department was on vacation.

buGG  says, “Enjoy our ‘PARADE’ too!”

The venerable You’ll Melt More! are still cranking out fantastic post-punk pop.

While we’re on the topic, former Yumemo, Younapi released her latest solo work (she did the animation for the MV as well).

April Fools prank turned serious idol project, Devil’s Kiss is suddenly one of the most intriguing acts of the year.

One half of Devil’s Kiss is Kanano of femme fatale who just released their new album, fuckin’ sisters. I don’t know what else to say about that.

ANTITHESE are. . .  Idols With Guns!

ExWHYZ lay down a fierce dub step cover of a BiSH classic.

The hot topic over on the Homcidols Discord Server this week was Village in Maier. They just dropped four PVs this week, so go check them out.

THE ORGANICS released their second album, Tokyo Dope City

The Candace continue to channel the 90s. That decade never sounded so good.

Discovered by Carrythezero over on the Homcidols Discord Server, new unit pipia doesn’t know what decade they are in.

KING∞RAGE are looking fierce in their first PV since their reboot.

ERISU shared a PV from their latest ritual.

In other overseas idol news, LuciDreaM are keeping idolcore a alive.

X!DENT put the “live” in Live Idol.

JIEMEI: One of my favorite new units, except I can never remember how to spell their name right (“I” before “E” except after “M”?).

Why do I like Title Mitei so much? This is why:

Another new unit to get excited about, Million dollars fairlady.

ANTHURIUM rock out.

Cross? Pentagram? CALETWOLF says, “yes” to all the motifs.

Just in time to wrap up the Weekender, here a fresh new MV from REBEL REBEL courtesy of the Homcidols Discord Server’s #1 REBEL REBEL fan, BobIsRandom

Oshiloss Corner

KAQRIYOTERROR ended their current system. Nonamera says she’s going to become a normal person now, but we know that there is zero chance of that happening.

CHIYO-P is taking a break from PIGGS.

Rin retired from yumegiwa last girl and then nuked her idol Twitter account leaving us hanging on the fate of her solo project, UTERO (see below for the dramatic conclusion).


Aine Kuraine graduated from EVE.

Here’s B.O.L.T’s last live.

Oshifound Corner

A few days after nuking her idol account, Rin (former yumegiwa last girl) resurrected her UTERO account proving that, sometimes, good things really do happen.

LyricHolic has rebooted as LyricHolic Kagekidan.

Meet FANCYLABO, a collaboration between Aoi Yagawa (ex. Maison Book Girl), Miori Ichikawa (ex. AKB48 and NMB48) and “retro culture curator,” Night Tempo.

Have a Good Weekend!