Your Homicidols Weekender #334

Crazy week. For those of us in the US, this was primarily due to BABYMETAL’s surprise tour announcement just hours before tickets went on sale nationwide. With no time to plan or save, the frantic scramble that ensued left wallets bleeding across the country.

I was personally able to practice some restraint and only snatched up tickets for the Phoenix gig. I will probably also be at Aftershock because I want to see HANABIE as well.  There are a lot of other idols heading stateside this year, so I need to leave some budget capacity for them as well, like:

CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL who, as far as we know, are still planning an overseas expedition next month to the Philippines and the US.

NEO JAPONISM, who are coming to the US in October.

Zsasz needs to embark on an overseas expedition of their own.

We got a rare video from MIGMA SHELTER that also serves as a vivid reminder of why they are almost entirely live idols.

RILISREVERSE dropped a new mini-album.

MAD JAMIE is try to make us to forget that they just broke up and broke our hearts. 

ATARASHII GAKKO! serve up a groovy new tune courtesy of yonkey (Klang Ruler).

mecuro is representing the East Side.


The venerable Payrin’s give us proof of existence.

Vietnamese unit POLARIS☆ wrote this song inspired by their recent visit to Japan.

Chill-hop duo THE ORGANICS hang out with a friend.

Brit-pop idols The Candace go all champagne supernova.

Rio Asunable of Hachimitsu BLACK sang the theme song for this must-see movie, Ninja vs. Shark .

mzsrz’s new song was selected as theme song for the drama “Nigakute Amai.”

We know kinopo. for their amazingly intricate MVs, but here’s a stripped down PV from their first anniversary show.

live yumegiwa last girl

ExWHYZ answer with some noise and dub step in their pop.

Rookie unit SiLENT←NOiSE released a new MV to support their first album .

TENRIN dropped both an MV and album this week as well.

This MV is nothing but Treble .

Anthurium channels some city pop.

IZANAGI went pop looking for someone who understands them.

Rookie unit FILLミTRAX (aka “FILL ME TRAX”) is feeling invincible.

Oshiloss Corner

Kokone is taking a month-long break from SAKA-SAMA.

On Umitsuki and Mihaya Tsubaki have withdrawn from Aphrodite.

SIPP released a digest from their last live.

Aishu TO Momentum  had disbanded.

Oshifound Corner

Ramy t talata (ex.  Koutei Camera Gal, Koutei Camera Girl Zwei, and Koutei Camera Girl Drei) has re-emerged as a member of SZWARC but would like to be called Tara now.

UNI and SAKI (formerly of MAD JAMIE and Kimiiro Project) have appeared in a new unit called OMG (Outrage Music Girls).

We thought devil’s kiss was an April Fool’s Day prank since it was announced on April 1, but now they have dropped an MV, a single, and have a live scheduled for May 1. It appears that KATY (current front woman of HAZE and ex. ZOC ) may be making a go of a unit whose theme appears to be “Fxxk Seiko Oomori .”

Have a Good Weekend!