Your Homicidols Weekender #333

It was a good week for alt-idol news and happenings (unless you happen to be a fan of My Best Friend).

NEO JAPONISM will be releasing a new single for the the next three consecutive months and, oh yeah, they’re embarking on a US TOUR IN OCTOBER!!

In other exciting news, Monster of Dolls is back in operation and planning something big for the end of they year!

Other great things from this week:

This is probably the best thing from PIGGS since they went major label.


Fellow FIRST TAKE alumni, BABYMETAL put out their first MV as a reborn trio.

Moe Moe Destruction are quickly becoming a favorite over on the Homicidols Discord server and among Team. Here’s their new EP including a song about how evil alcohol is that you probably don’t want to hear while hungover.

NaNoMoRaL’s new song is also the April ending theme for TV Asahi’s “~ Why are you here? ~ Gomi Monogatari”.

Nerun Poku Poku gave us this present on her birthday.

Ruan (Cinema & Boy CQ) released her first solo album.

How about some live uijin?

GALS, who got featured on our Best of the Year (so far) report, have a new single.

Speaking of best songs of the year, “Mew” by Jiemei missed being on our Best of the Year (so far) list by just a smidge. I’ve had this song on repeat for months so I was thrilled to see them release an MV for it.

I keep meaning to do a deeper dive into mzsrz. Everything they do is fantastic, including their latest single.


Here’s some live MANACLE from a band set.

ZnC:WL dropped this mesmerizing new EP. 

Rookie unit FILLミTRAX released their first full MV.

You’ll Melt More put out this “emergency release”:


LYSM have a plan to keep you alive.

memetokyo. in the club.

Class of ’23, anew have released a double-A side single.

8bitBRAIN put together this nice mix of metalcore and electronica.

Here’s some new Title Mitei if you’re into that sort of thing (which I am).

Oshiloss Corner

Miyuki Sato, Monaka Ogura, and Yurane Nagisa of My Best Friend were let go for rules violations including harassing fans and other members.

Mashiro Kuroi left LEIWAN.

Haruto has graduated from GANGDEMIC.

Hipburn will disband at the end of May.

Oshifound Corner

The legendary First Summer Uika (ex. BiS) spent some time nurturing future legend, ano (ex. You’ll Melt More).

Aiku (ex. JILLASTED and BLACKNAZARENE) joined a new unit called  LOVESTARMUSIC along with Shijimimochi (her ex. bandmate from Fuyu no Doubutsuen) and Unmei Ai (ex. unichan).

Have a Good Weekend!!