Your Homicidols Weekender #332

Welcome to a fools-free FOXDAY version of the Weekender. I know there have been loads of idol shenanigans happening over the course of the past 24+ hours, but we will try to stick to the straight idol news here. We are collecting all of the April Fools day pranks, rebrands and releases we can find for an omnibus wrap up that will post tomorrow, but today is all about the SERIOUS BUSINESS that is indie, underground, and alternative idol.

Speaking of serious business, we got referenced in an article for a legitimate news outlet! Ye Olde Japan Times used us as a source for this excellent profile of PLANCK STARS. This is even bigger than that time we got quoted by Metal Sucks!

It feels like such an accomplishment to have made even a small contribution to a respectable news outlet with worldwide distribution and recognized integrity. Now, let’s see what up with unit formerly known as ANAL SEX PENIS:

ASP channels the Brady Bunch on acid.

Everyone needs to keep an eye on Moe Moe Destruction.

The world needs more Shihatsu-Machi Underground. This is only their second new song in, like, two years. We need more, more, more!

Finger Runs first single is out.

INUWASI just dropped their second full album and celebrate with this spectacle.

I love the new SHINGEKI MV but I can’t help but thinking, “How much do those outfits weigh?”


Rin will be leaving yumegiwa last girl this month. Let’s not think about that and enjoy this PV from their October band set.

Thanks to 22rb over on the the Homicidols Discord server for introducing us to Indonesian idol unit, Noize who recently released their incredibly catchy first single.


It’s dangerous to post anything that was released on April 1, but the latest from Lateral Arc of the Cinderella’s Dog Project is just too good.

BLUEGOATS give us a maudlin song about remembering a friend who has passed on.

We get a quirky yet deep, sci-fi adventure MV from com.

MELTЯAGE released this high energy MV to coincide with the release of their first mini album.

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, CarryTheZero continues to give TheWORLD a signal boost. This is a good one.

Oshiloss Corner

Webshiki and Usagi have graduated from Satanic Punish.

Uyu is leaving PLANCK STARS.

SIPP, one of the most promising units of the past few years, has dissolved.

Oshifound Corner

Kai Marino (ex. RAY and Niji no Conquistador) released a spritely yet melancholy new tune just in time for sakura season.

Ruan (Cinema & Boy CQ) has announced the upcoming release of her first solo album.

Chuyame (formerly Tsuyame of Yukueshirezutsurezure) got married!

Speaking of Tsurezure, do we dare to even hope?

Have a Good Weekend!