Your Homicidols Weekender #33

Good morning! Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? The timing’s off, but this is the big Independence Day weekend+ for us in the United States; in fact, depending on which version of the story you believe, it may have been on this day 241 years ago that we declared our independence from Great Britain and then fought a war for a few more years and then another war a generation later to prove it. The important thing, though: Holiday weekend. Barbecues and beers and hilariously mawkish displays of patriotic piety by people because bitchin’ fireworks are in the sky while a PA system plays Beethoven or Sousa or Holst.


Otherwise, I can’t think of a single other important thing happening between now and Tuesday, the actual fourth day of July that is elevated in many dumb people’s minds as THE HOLIDAY IS CALLED FOURTH OF JULY. Learn something, people.

I kid of course. I’m looking forward to the break from work! And also, Kerrie and Krv are going to be interviewing NECRONOMIDOL ahead of their big London gig on that same day; yes, at approximately the same time that I intend to be putting the last of my personal meat responsibilities on the grill and being just a little bit too drunk, our fine friends will be face-to-face with the Girls of Darkness. Pretty cool. They have a small window to chat through, so we’re trying to stay disciplined about who and how and what gets asked, but feel free to suggest a question, and it might make it into the list.

As for the other Weekender Stuff, Maniac?

A very special message from Desu.Rabbits:

All you need is Ayuni D:

Because PAC IDOL won’t ever not be PAC IDOL:

Second idol life:

Haruka from Party Rockets GT continues her inexorable move toward a solo career:

Just friends helping friends:

You know who excels at randomly distributing new video of old performances? STARMARIE:


RHYMEBERRY featuring some familiar faces:

Because I’m all about Strawberry Painkiller, I follow Ichigo’s every move, which leads to things like this:

Idols + cats:

Or just Nao:

The other Nao, not the one that graduated from Malcolm Mask McLaren:

Idol + wrestling never gets old:

Have a great weekend!

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