Your Homicidols Weekender #328

Sing a song. Rock N’ Roll. La la la la la la. I’ve had that stuck in my head a lot his week. It is all PLANCK STARS’ fault.

Also this week: Himari wrapped up Isiliel’s first European tour and completed the recording of her upcoming album.

CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL surprised us with their announcement of an overseas expedition including stops in the Philippines and Los Angeles.

Perhaps they are following PLANCK STARS recent example. Plasta, for their part, are back in Japan and channeling the legends of rock ‘n roll to produce this minor masterpiece of an MV for us. 

The resurrected BPM15Q closes out the first year of their second life.

THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND have released Laguna Roku’s birthday single.

We are used to mind-blowing MVs from kinopo. , but how about a PV for once?

Planet after the rain , one of the best new units of 2022, released their first album, Mercury Departure .

WACK project TONAi_BOUSHO released an MV featuring their new line-up.

Qppo is absolutely nuts in the best possible way. Here’s their new album.

DA BAMBI a have a pretty dark MV for such an up-tempo song. 

New co-ed unit, Catch Me, continues to make a good first impression.

HALIEN,  our correspondent covering indie idol in Vietnam, made sure we didn’t miss the debut MV from MEGAMI.

I don’t believe we’ve ever featured My Criminal Lovers’ before, but Lupus introduced us to this track over on the Homicidols Discord server , so we will probably be seeing them again.

Oshiloss Corner

Buddha TOKYO update: ILL/L and RÄI Lie have terminated their contracts and will be leaving the group. Lille and Kei will continue. New members have been selected and activities will resume soon.

Manaka Mao is leaving CYCLONISTA to pursue a career as a teacher.

GRATIA-ALA held their last live on March 3rd.

Anzu Manji 100% is taking a break form 8bitBRAIN to recover from sudden hearing loss. It’s a good time to mention: Always wear ear protection at lives, everybody!

Mio Kamiya is graduating from Underbeasty .

Aishu TO Momentum is going on hiatus.

Lala is graduating from EVERYTHIGN IS WONDER .

Oshifound Corner

Meica (ex. NECRONOMIDOL ) has joined a new unit called Michelle Burn Velvet under the name Stella Narumi.

Emotiona Ru Ruka is returning to active status with POPPiNG EMO

Have a Good Weekend!