Your Homicidols Weekender #325

It’s a special weekend in the United States. After months of speculation, anticipation, blood, guts and tears, this Sunday is finally the big event. Not THAT big event. Who cares about the Super Bowl when the PLANCK STARS are here for their US debut!

In addition to a pair of free shows on Sunday, Plasta will be hosting off kai events on Satuday and Sunday. For those of you lucky enough to attend, please post lots of updates on Twitter so the rest of us can live through you vicariously.

Speaking of social media connectivity, we have finally started a new Facebook page since no one on Team seems to have admin access to the old one. If you do Facebook, please join us on the Homicidols is Dead Facebook page

Now, here’s some new King Sari because I know you like King Sari. Their first full album is being released next week.

You should already be listening to -odoro-.

ONE KILL says, “Hello!”

meme tokyo. have been around forever but somehow just got around to releasing their first full album. They are dropping some new PVs to celebrate.

Here is a telling question: Who is your favorite Wagamama? kiite or RAKIA?

Shiina Pikarin took on Chiitan in an epic brawl.

Li-V-RAVE had one of my favorite songs of 2021 but were kinda quiet last year. Let’s see what they’re up to now.

AKIRA of MIC RAW RUGA wrote a song to commemorate the three-year anniversay of their debut.

One of the best names in idol, Schroedinger’s Dog, have a new MV.

Here is our first look at JUGS MAFIA, the new group from YABACUBE (home to PLANCK STARS).

Another entry from YABACUBE: Zetsubou no Pomeranian (translation: “Pomeranian of Despair”) dropped their first MV since their revival last June.

Here’s the final single from GRATIA-ALA leading up to their disbandment next month. They were too good for this world.

Quubi have a new look and a new song.

Is it just me, or is Devil ANTHEM. showing a bit more maturity lately?

FILL ME TRAX just held their first live in January and will make their major label debut in April. 

Here’s a PV from the debut performance of Ac!u Gromov.

Oshiloss Corner

A one-two punch to Satanic Punish: Both Himeno Usagi and Webshiki are leaving.  Webshiki encountered some pretty serious health issues recently, and Usagi is graduating to care for her family while finishing college.  The unit will continue with Mana Manomu and new member Bokuga Sakura

PLANCK STARS announced that Ricca Hikicomo, who just re-joined the unit in September, will be departing for the second time. Meanwhile, uyu will be on hiatus until March.

One of our favorites, SPECIAL CHEESE MENU is disbanding.

Ruri is leaving XOXO XTREME.

Oshifound Corner

swancry, featuring Shida Hikage (ex. Yukueshirezutsurezure) held their debut live. They are the best thing ever.

Gordon, the band project of Con, another Tsurezure alum, shared their latest street live.

Have a Good Weekend!