Your Homicidols Weekender #324

It was a very eventful week in the global scene. Isiliel performed in France and  Germany and is now heading for Sweden to record her next album, Kasen of RILISREVERSE got her Twitter account suspended for some reason, and the South Korean live idol scene bore witness to a scandalous meltdown with more melodrama than a makjang. 

This past week was also special in that we received PVs from both SU-METAL and Pour Liu, the original queens of alternative idol. I flipped a coin and Pour Lui and  PIGGS won the honor of kicking off the Weekender.

Who can we talk to about organizing a PIGGS x BABYMETAL collab?

Almost equally legendary, PassCode released a new one as well.  This may be my favorite track from them in some time.

WAGAMAMA RAKIA may not have any legends in the line-up, but they are no less impressive.

A lot of great new songs dropped this week, but JIEMEI may be responsible for my favorite.

I like MVs that tell a story.  Here’s a dramatic one from MAPA.

THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO released their fourth album which is appropriately titled, THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO IV.

Yuri Hirano aka Yuirmaru  (APOKALIPPS and SZWARC) dropped an infectious new solo track on us.

CROSSNOESIS dropped a new single for the third month in a row. All three songs will be released as an EP next month.

We don’t hear from Underbeasty often, so savor this and then go listen to their new EP.

FiDZ dropped a whole album to commemorate their one year anniversary.

Here’s the debut MV from Ac!u Gromov, the new unit from the producer of the sorely missed LiLii Kaona. It’s quite a departure from the organica sound.

You wouldn’t know if from our site, but something I learned it when I was over in Japan recently: one of the biggest units in the whole chika idol scene is FaM.

X!DENT just dropped their first proper (live) video and it’s for their new Xii-composed song.

Speaking of, Homicidols very own FarFromSleep created a custom character that lets you play as Xii in WORLD OF HORROR.

Thai idols, REBiRTH have released their first lyric video.

For those of you on the East Coast of the US, don’t forget that  Broken by the Scream will be in the D.C. metro area in two weeks at Katsucon. Our friends at Chaotic Harmony are planning one of their special VIP events and you can snag a ticket right now. 

Chaotic Harmony have also sent us a New Year greeting from Roa’s (ex. BURST GIRL) new unit, PPPR! 

The new Tokyo Psychopath tune is from THE STARBEMS who you might remember for their collaboration with BURST GIRL a while back.

CYNHN is just lovely.

kanaku logic will be releasing a new song on the first of the month from now on.

Nousatsu❤︎After Beat is now know as NO❤︎AF but they are still one of the few idol ska units on the planet.

I know next to nothing about this group except that they are called Million dollars fairlady, I enjoyed this tune, and they are all spending the weekend in Thailand.  Thanks to amita୨୧ over on the Homicidols Discord server for the recommendation.

You know who else is in Thailand for Thai Japan Expo, and also just released a new single ? MAZE

I don’t believe we’ve ever posted TA JOSHI on the site before, but here’s a nice, funky tune recommended by BobIsRandom over on the Homicidols Discord server.

Oshiloss Corner

Webshiki of Satanic Punish is out for a while. She was suffering from what was described as a life-threatening illness but has recovered considerably since the initial report.

JILLASTED didn’t last long.

Noa has left OMNI66 due to health issues.

Karen Raptor is leaving Dinosaur due to issues with her hearing.

Biwako-kun is no longer a member of No Longer Idol.

PLANCK STARS are taking a break, but just for two days paid vacation.

Oshifound Corner

Risano (ex. lyrical school) has announced that she is working on a solo project.

Have a Good Weekend!