Your Homicidols Weekender #323

This weekend should prove to be a lot less eventful than last when PLANCK STARS was galivanting around London live tweeting drinking parties, attempts to master electrical adapters, and their debut European live. In case you missed it, in the midst of all that chaos , their management announced that they were moving their upcoming US show from LA to New York.

Now, those of you within easy traveling distance of the New England States are in for an eventful February. In addition to Plasta hitting The Big Apple, don’t forget that Broken By the Scream are on their way to the East Coast as well. I’ll just be over here living vicariously through you all.

While the last Weekender was full of new music releases, this week is all about the MVs. We got SO much great stuff from our favorite visual medium like:

The most highly anticipated MV of the week, from the Homicidols’ artist voted most likely to break through in 2023, Isiliel.

akugi and all of their friends in Codomomental come together to ask the question: “IDOL?”

PLANCK STARS dropped a new MV to coincide with their London debut.

mistress give us a new power tune to add to our workout mix.

A new MV from the Beni Usakura solo project.

RAY released an MV for their contribution to their collaboration EP with Daidaidai and CROSSNOESIS, ATMOSPHERE.

Everyone loves Zsasz. I mean really. I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t like Zsasz.

We don’t get enough miis.

When I was in Tokyo recently, everyone was talking about mecuro. It was either about how much they loved mecuro, or how much they hated mecuro, but everyone was talking about mecuro.

People of the World: listen to -odoro-.

Over on the Homicidols Discord Server, D4rkWzd just brought out attention to NEXTANATiVE, a new alt-idol unit from Indonesia.

Speaking of overseas idols, RIA of South Korean unit LucidDream released her second solo single, and it’s gorgeous (thanks for the recommendation Lupus).

CYNHN have a new single out.

Here’s a new MV from POPPY. Not that Poppy, the other POPPY.

I’m not sure if it’s Catch Me or Catchy Me, but here’s a new co-ed idol unit.

PPPR!!, the new unit of ROA (ex. BURST GIRL) is putting out a new song every week. Here’s the entry for week two.

Speaking of unit’s ROA used to be in, here’s CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL covering Guso Drop.

Some around here would consider pure white canvas to be trad idol, but, as they demonstrate, that’s not an entirely bad thing.

While we’re on the trad side of the indie idol street, Kumari Depart show us the future of idol.

Oshiloss Corner

MAD JAMIE are ending their current system on March 7th.

This week, we have the unfortunate duty to announce the saddest and truest kind of oshiloss: Mag., formerly of Buddha TOKYO and a Miss iD 2019 finalist, recently passed away on her 26th birthday.

Nonoko Sato is graduating from RYUTist.

Oshifound Corner

Here’s the sole debut from Mina (Formerly known as CHANTMOKEE of BiS).

MiRichan (former Candye Syrup) showed up in one of the two new Tokyo-based units launched by PLANCK STARS management company, YABACUBE this week. It also features Tassy (ex. Monoclone).

Have a Good Weekend!