Your Homicidols Weekender #321

I am back in the States after two short weeks in Japan. I saw dozens of stellar idol lives, spent time with old friends and new, and generally encountered one amazing experience after another. After three years away, I was happy to find the chika idol scene as vibrant, welcoming and overflowing with creativity and talent as ever. I can’t wait to go back.

While I recover from jet lag, be sure to get your votes in for Best of the Year 2022!! Voting closes this Sunday. In the meantime, the early entries for Best of 2023 have already started to roll in, like:

I missed this one last week. Forgive me, BLACKNAZARENE

RAY, CROSSNOESIS and Daidaidai have teamed up to jointly release what is suddenly the most highly anticipated EP of 2023 and early front runner for Collaboration of the Year.

New year, new units! Meet ZEPANEWT.

Highly anticipated unit, Chemical X dropped their first EP one week out from their official debut.

Our friends at Chaotic Harmony posted a Happy New Year greeting from Yurapico.

One of the best lives I saw while in Japan was THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO. Here’s a demonstration:

I also got to see Qppo a couple of times while i was in Tokyo. They are truly nuts in the best possible way. I absolutely loved them.

PIGGS major label debut single is out.

The members of MIC RAW RUGA made their own MV.

QUEENS released a new song for their 5th anniversary appropriately titled, “ANNIVERSARY”.

PAPIPUPEPO wa Muzukashii are still delightful.

Here’s ATARASHII GAKKO! live from the Philippines.

Oshiloss Corner

Fresh off of their “Most Likely to Breakthrough in 2023” nomination, DARE MO SHIRAINAI have announced their disbandment. I’m not going to say that category is cursed, but…

Oshifound corner

Losing dog waste will now be known as BLOOD/.

Have a good Weekend!