Your Homicidols Weekender #32

Welcome to the weekend! I feel like we earned this one. And this is a hell of a Weekender, if I do say so myself. We got the Fun, with some pretty great results so far, and there are some events this weekend (like Mistfes!) that will probably flood the world with video. Good times. Good summer.

Let’s Get to It

Teratani Mina did it again:

Oh, and happy birthday, Yui-chan. No wacky conspiracy theories this time.

Aina the End is going to be among the contributors to end theme music for this anime:

Kerrie had to come clean:

You’ll Melt More! weren’t done with the Mannequin Challenge promos after all:

HiMEGiMi, the Sparkling Princesses, who I never actually covered but are a great example of how cool underground indie idols can be, are dissolving in literally the best way ever:

Manager-san says, they just want to be regular high school girls, and I’m okay with that. We’re all friends here! Why can’t others be that way?

I had high hopes for this latest from Musubizm, and it’s a nice song, but a very safe one, too:

Though the fact that they’re accessible via unblocked YouTube gives me hope that agencymates Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders will be one day, too.

Not the case of Yumemiru Adolescence, who released a really cool song with a fun video and one less member, but it’s region-blocked and you may need a proxy:



Here’s a little more live of my girl Sakohata Aya:

And my other girl, and Aya’s friend, Ristuka ex of & Crazy:

I don’t know what the hell Himegoto Zettai are doing here:

A song will debut in a few days, but more importantly (because this we can actually experience) is PassCode’s new look:

Tokyo Rockets is debuting a regular performance thing for what’s got to be the first time ever, or in at least like a year. Good for them.

Sure thing, Yuki.

Have you seen this from Oomori Seiko, who’s like all over the place anymore?

If you remember Atelier de Marionette, you may be interested in knowing that they’re now One of force:

uijin playthrough!

And BiSH!

I have mixed feelings about the latest from predia, which isn’t hard at all!

Salem gets it:

Please give us more NATASHA:

Have a great weekend!