Your Homicidols Weekender #318

It is your Idol X-Mas Eve version of the Weekender. Tonight we will be visited by the ghosts of idol past, present and future and learn the true meaning of Idol X-Mas ( Spoiler: the lesson is, All things, including idol , are transitory and ephemeral, so be sure to live in the present and buy idol merch whenever you have the opportunity because the chance to own a cheki of your oshi in Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay may happen just this once and never again).

Speaking of ghosts, I am still recovering from last weekend’s trip to Los Angeles for 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San’s Return to Hell live at The Smell. It was a great show by our favorite youkai idol, and very well attended. Even Eloise of the Linda Lindas was there. We were graciously afforded the opportunity to interview Hanako-san the night before the show, so look for that to be posted soon. 

In the meantime, get your nominations in for Homicidols Best of the Year, 2022. Now, here are some potential nominees for next year:

Melancholic Cinderella Story dropped two very excellent MVs this week.

swancry is technically a band project but I don’t care because it is best thing on this planet.

New Nani’N’Nerun? !!

Spend Christmas with Himari with this Isiliel livestream.

The new one from IZANAGI translates as, “I want to eat yakiniku with other people’s money”.

Anaru RaiRai of the PLANCK STARS spent two weeks training with SHAKILAMO! Here’s how that went:

DEATHNYANN is making music for Fortnite.

cana÷biss got a life.

BOLT celebrated their third birthday with this classic.

How about an hour of situasion ?

It’s FAREWELL, MY L.u.v’s reggae formation, FAREWELL, MY D.u.b

Electric Ribbon has re-booted and released a new single by SAWA.

Oshiloss Corner

BiSH have finally picked a date: they will disband on June 29th at the Tokyo Dome.

Rie Kaneko (former LADYBABY and trolleattroll ) has suspended activities in her solo project, Ilie, and founded her own management company called Launen LLC .

Anon Clara is one of the best, yet most underrated, units out there. Their single, “Tokeisou” , made it onto my list of top ten songs of the year. They have just announced their disbandment this coming February and left us with this to let us know just what we’re gonna miss.

KILLERMACHINE and Harou Haru have graduated from Woven’s.

Psyche and Raga will end their current system at the end of January.

Kyuusai Pero has been dismissed from munen.

Oshifound Corner

Fresh off her graduation from Woven’s, KILLERMACHINE has quickly reappeared alongside Amemiya R Galaxy (ex. IQ99), Chimaayu (ex. My Best Friend), and more in the new unit Chemical X The group is produced by yossy (the composer behind songs for Malcolm Mask McLaren, Burst Girl, Candye Syrup, Yurapico and others). Their debut is scheduled for January 20th.

Boss Rei , Yurapico , Saki, and Anna held a private Guso Drop reunion.

ano’s (former You’ll Melt More) post-idol career charges forward full steam.

Have a Happy Idol X-Mas and an Excellent Weekend!!